[RPG/MECH/FUN] Careers v0.7 - Murderers, Thieves, Police, Doctors, Diseases and more [1060]

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    Unfortunately, I will not be pushing anymore updates to this plugin and have made it private. It's too much effort to make everything configurable so that it can function to each of your desires. It's hindering me from working on the bigger ideas I have for it.

    Maybe once I get it developed fully I will release another build but that won't be for a while. I will however, keep this page updated with progress and you're always welcome to drop in to my server to try out new features.

    Adds various careers and interesting mechanics to the game. Let it generate the config file and you can change things from there. I've programmed it so more careers can easily be added so send me your ideas and I'll expand this.

    Suggested Usage:
    This plugin is most fun on servers where people generally stay within close vicinity to each other as opposed to spreading out all over the map. On my server I force this by using Towny and requiring all towns to border an existing towns. The result is one large city made up of smaller districts. I'm essentially using towns as districts and a nation as a town. All my players stay in close vicinity to each other making the game feel more like a multiplayer experience instead of singleplayer with chat. This allows criminals and doctors to actually be found by the people looking for them.


    Demo Servers:
    My server only averages about 15 players so I can't really see this plugin in the large-scale that I imagined. I want to see murderers, thieves, and doctors to team up and form gangs, etc. If you're willing to run this plugin in accordance with the suggested usage I have up above, let me know and I'll add your server to this list.

    Server List
    • blockface.org
    Careers (open)

    To learn a career, right click someone who has a career with a book.
    • Doctor
      • Other players can request to be healed by right clicking a doctor. This will cost 20 coins per heart.
      • Can heal Rabies and other diseases that will be added eventually.
      • Cannot heal yourself.
    • Murderer
      • Can kill any player and take their coins.
      • If their murder is witnessed, they must kill the witnesses before being reported to the Officers. Once reported, they become wanted.
      • If their murder is witnessed by an Officer they automatically become wanted.
      • If a murderer has wanted status and is killed by an Officer, they will be jailed for 5 minutes.
    • Officer
      • Must kill all citizens reported as wanted.
      • When a successful arrest is made, the Officer will be paid.
      • Can jail citizens who are holding weapons at night.
    • Miner
      • Has a configurable chance of receiving coins when mining certain ores.
    • Thief
      • Has a configurable chance of overriding locking plugins. You must have another plugin that provides locks to players. I recommend using Towny and adding chests to the switch-ids in the settings.
      • Will be injured on failed pick attempt.
    Commands (open)

    /c set <career> - Sets your career.
    /c set <partialname> <career> - Sets matching name's career.
    /crime - Lists witnessed crimes.
    /crime <player> - Report player for committing crime.
    /crime wanted - See wanted players.
    /crime setjail - Set jail location.
    Permissions (open)

    careers.employ - Allows admins to manually set jobs with /c set
    careers.nohell - Prevent a player from going to hell on death.
    careers.nodisease - Prevent a player from catching diseases.
    Upcoming Features (open)

    • Thieves
      • Will have a chance of overriding any locking plugin with a lockpick.
    • Farmer
      • Need ideas. Something involving spawning pigs, sheep, cows.
    • Murderer
      • Add assault and battery to the crimes.

    Version 0.7 Test Build
    • Thieves can flip levers by shooting an arrow at them.
    • Assassins can poison citizens at night.
    • Doctors can cure poisoning.
    Version 0.6 Test Build
    • Hooked into Towny.
    • Officers and Knights are paid by the town.
    • Knights kill mobs for money
    • Miner gets double smelt.
    • Tamer sells wolves.
    • So much other stuff, I can't even remember.
    Version 0.5
    • Added training by right clicking someone with a job with a book (configurable)
    • Added permission node careers.nodisease
    Version 0.4
    • Added a single disease Rabies that can be cured by a doctor.
    • Allowed setting of career from console.
    • Fixed incorrect crime broadcast.
    • Smaller bug fixes.
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed some config.yml issues.
    • Added basic Thief support. Need to use external locking system (LWC, Towny).
    • Some other stuff
    Version 0.2
    • Added Hell afterlife jail making doctors more useful.
    • Murders can only happen at night.
    • Added weapons charges.
    • Players can defend themselves if attacked by murderers.
    Version 0.1

    • Initial release.
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    i came across this looking for something..."unique" and something to add more realistic aspect to my server. Also for your farming i noticed you didn't have much of an idea

    • Need ideas. Something involving spawning pigs, sheep, cows.
    Well spawning sheeps,pigs,cows and chickens can be relevant to breeding
    Milk Cows, Collect Eggs etc..
    Crops for sure, needs to be an importance to farming.
    Farming, planting harvesting...
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    can you add builder? like if someone request a building they build it an get paid on how big or hard it was!

    Also is it possible to add more permissions so groups can choose only specified jobs like a Group called Officer can only be officer and no one else?
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    What are the commands? They seem very lacking, and my character has rabies, and is a Doctor, so now i cant speak and i havent the foggiest idea how to cure it.

    Not too impressed at the moment.
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    Version 0.5
    • Added training by right clicking someone with a job with a book (configurable)
    • Added permission node careers.nodisease

    This is commandless as possible so it can be easy to pickup. And nothing I can do can help if you're not willing to ready. I've clearly documented above that right clicking a doctor will cure your disease and heal you. Of course, Doctors cannot heal themselves, I figured that was obvious since you cannot right click yourself. I'll add it in there since apparently it's not as obvious as I thought.

    All the commands are listed up there, I don't know why you'd think there were more I didn't document. I didn't realize you measured a plugin's impressiveness by the number of commands it has. Please do not complain to me about your own incompetence.

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    Fair does... should read it more carefully... And to the heal myself thing, i dont really see that as clear to be honest, as you can heal yourself in near enough every game i play... So that i dont think is correct. Glad that you have listed that though.

    I dont see a plugin as impressive with loads of commands, its just i'm used to plugins having loads of commands, and there are a few dev's out there that do not list them all on this forum, but stick them on wiki... and i couldnt really see that this plugin had so few....

    I do applogies for jumping the gun, i will wait till i have more members online for longer durations of time before i use this plugin i think. I think it will be more effective.

    Keep up the good work

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    this plugin is getting better and better by the day! I just wish there were more jobs! but is there a way you could add a builder job?
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    I don't really know what bonuses a builder would get?
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    The builder needs to build buildings player requested and they get paid by maybe placing each block or something close to that. The iJobs were able to do something like that... Quote from that "Builders will be paid to build stuff by other players, as well as payday"

    so maybe a command could be /request build or /request <player name> something like that. So the better the job you do at building the more people would want to hire you!
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    Hello and first off thanks for the mod! It seems to look good! Will use it for my upcoming RPG/Survival server.
    But I have a few requests for Careers:
    Closely related to the Murderer, except they are hired by people to kill others and when they do they must successfully report back to the hiring person to earn their cash, otherwise they and the hiring person will be jailed. Their perk would be taking no fall damage when holding Left Shift. Their other perk (if one is needed) is that they do much more damage when they attack someone from behind. The biggest drawback would be that no matter what if you get caught you earn nothing (and possibly even your inventory gets wiped?[maybe there could be a percent chance for inventory wipe])
    They build houses and other things by being hired by other workers. Their perk would be that they can reach a little further (unless that requires a client mod) and jump a bit higher. Maybe they can even break blocks a bit faster (not blocks like sand, dirt, stone, and ores). If the hiring does not pay in time an admin will be notified to take care of the situation. No matter what though, even if the building is sucky, if the builder builds what is requested the hiring will pay them. Though if the building is out of shape they may not have to pay much (if the admin says so). The original price will be set before the build. The builder may ask for supplies from the hiring but the hiring are not required to supply them.
    This guy makes bread, cake, and whatever other foods and gets coins for each one he makes. His perks would be he gets extra food for each craft and he gets healed better than other people/his food heals more for everyone?
    This one is kind of basic but I think it is needed. This guy gets coins for chopping wood with an AXE. He doesn't get any for using hands. His perks could be he chops faster and maybe extra wood drops also.
    Meat Farmer-
    This guy could section off an area for a farm and grow pigs/chickens/sheep and get their resources. The perks would be they can spawn (with cooldown) animals or make them spawn faster aroundthem/in their farms.

    IF these classes are made (doesn't need to be exact) there is no doubt I will use this in my server! Thanks!
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    thats exactly what this plugin needs!
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    @darth2499 @HuntMASTER15

    It's more than likely I won't add most of these. In my experience, the biggest mistake is to assume that players will ever choose not to be self sufficient. Minecraft makes it so easy to do everything on your own, mine, build, whatever. It's the reason most shop plugins fail. Players just do not want to pay when they can do it themselves, especially when it's a basic/fun task like building.

    If you look at the jobs I have offered, I tried to create features that don't exist already in Minecraft. If you get sick you HAVE to find a Doctor, you can't cure yourself. Just like in real life, players are forced to specialize and not do everything on their own.

    This is why jobs like Builder and Assassin will always fail. They're all features that exist, at least basically in the game. Players won't ever pay any one else and would just do it on their own. You might bring up that regular players cannot kill but usually, death isn't a big deal. Players are more than willing to die.

    This plugin is a result of observing player behavior on my server and trying to create something that won't just be forgotten and left idling in server memory. What does interest me is allowing Builders to reach further, since this is a feature that doesn't already exist in the game.
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    The thanks in this was to darth, don't get confused :p

    Haha thanks. Also I don't like the idea of thieves opening chests. Honestly I think it defeats the purpose of chest protection. So I was thinking, what if instead of picking a chest they right click a player with an iron bar and have a random chance of 5-60% to get the players item that they are holding. Though if they fail, the player is notified of the thief being there. The thief must be behind the player while they attempt to steal. The player may also report of a thief but ONLY if they see/are notified of the thief doing the action (if they are successful and the person stole from knows, they still cannot report the thief because they didn't see it happen. Only people who saw the thief steal) like the murderer. Also, I have a few questions. Can players report random people to the police? And also, if you are killed then can you report the killer? If so please fix that. Also I think if the killer kills 3 officers (configurable maybe?) then they are released from being wanted. Also officers should also be able to put up a bounty if they have a hard time finding the killer and if someone kills him they get money. But if the bounty hunter is killed 3 times their reward is lost (which makes Assassins/Murderers want to work together). But wait... That gives me another idea for a career!
    Bounty Hunter-
    They kill people the police are not able to find. They are paid with killing the person and ALSO payed by the police. They have special hunting abilities like snare traps and maybe motion sensors to help them find the killer. Maybe even they can see everyone's names in red? To prevent them from abusing the traps they only work on wanted people. Like said above if they die 3 times to the hands of a Murderer/Assassin 3 times, they have failed their job and are not payed anything and the case returns to the police.

    SwearWord, I understand. Your plugin, you don't have to implement what you don't want :p
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    I was thinking about downloading this until I read your reaction to jeffadkins51's post. I have no idea what deep issues you have with him, but obviously there's something because of the immense immature reaction you had. Giving a grammar lesson in a forum for a argument? Really? That's your idea of a mature discussion? Nitpicking at someones grammar? No thanks, the plugin looked nice, but I don't want to support someone as immature as you. Watch your attitude next time you release a plugin, great potential, horrible attitude.

    But of course you will deny this and some back and forth will ensue so I'll just leave. I'm quite sorry I won't get a chance to use this plugin, but your attitude just ruined it. To be quite honest, you sounded like a pre-pubescent child on Combat Arms.
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    Why did you focus on one sentence out of everything I said. Yes, I get extremely bothered by repeated grammar mistakes, I'm sorry for having some compulsive reaction to point them out. Yes it's nitpicking but what exactly are you doing right now? Nitpicking at a single sentence and ignoring the bulk of the valid point I made. He'll probably look less stupid now since he won't be using the wrong word everywhere, so who's really getting hurt.

    And it's great you have such a moral thought process when choosing bukkit plugins. It's rare to find someone being self-righteous on the internet. Your decision not to purchase my plugin deeply hurts me internally as well as financially since I'm not providing it and my time to you as a courtesy.

    Wait a minute...
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    Didn't bother to finish as your incompetence was showing. I wasn't picking out a single sentence you dolt. I was picking out your ENTIRE attitude. Where the heck did you learn communication skills? The deaf and mute man?
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    What happened to you leaving?
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    Good one, I didn't know the deaf and mute couldn't type. I guess it makes sense because they can't see the keyboard. I guess people who make fun of them have awesome attitudes!

    Once again...wait a minute...
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    O.O guys calm down and enjoy his great plugin.

    Does anyone have a server with this installed I would really like to try it out....
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    Mine has it, I have it on the list but no one has given me anything to add.
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    will this work with your locking and lockpicking plug-in?
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    You don't need my lockpicking plugin if you use this.
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    i asked if it worked with it XD not if i needed it
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    Please, Please, PLEASE, I'm begging you, add EssentialsEco support!
    This is an amazing plugin, but the economy on my server is based on EE...
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    Not sure if I should post as this thread seems to be a flame war in progress, but...I could see several custom jobs if this was driven by a config system. For example, making the job names configurable would allow admins to rename "Rabies" to "the Black Plague" to match a theme. Also if the abilities list was configurable, you could define new jobs like:

    Doctor: "Healer"
    PVP: False
    Can Sell: False
    Can Heal: True
    Can Cure: True
    Merchant: "Shop Owner"
    PVP: False
    Can Sell: True
    Can Heal: False
    Can Cure: False

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    I am going to make all the string configurable so you can rename anything.

    However, custom jobs are a pain with the current code structure. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this. However I will add permissions for each ability so you can define them manually.
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    I am tired of people yelling out "I'm a thief/murderer!" so I think if the words "I'm a thief" or "I'm a murderer" or "im a thief" or anything related and they ARE one, they are automatically wanted.
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    well its fine if builder isnt included, i understand but one thing i dont understand is the jail thing. Does it use this plugin to make a jail or something or can we use other plugin like Jails to jail players?
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    When a player dies or is arrested, they are sent to a little house in the Nether. This place is inescapable until your set amount of time is up. I don't know the times but I learned what I just said because I joined his server.
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    Would you be willing to add EssentialsEco support?
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    SwearWord your server is amazing except for one thing. Can you please tell me all the plugins you have in your server? o and I suggest getting Auth Me... everytime i log in i have $0... someone could be geting into my account and taking all my money :(

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