[RPG/MECH] Arcania - Put Mana Limits on Commands v0.0.4

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by billybobjoe1223, Jun 25, 2011.

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    I'm developing a plugin called Arcania. Arcania will allow a server admin to set mana limits on commands that they can specify in a config file. For example, Player A tries to TP. If he doesn't have enough mana to TP, then a message is sent and he doesn't. If he does, that that much mana will be deducted from his mana pool. The name of mana can be set too. Mana can be set to regenerate over time and/or when certain food items are eaten. I will be finished in about 2 weeks. ​

    • arcania.unlimitedmana - sets the users mana to unlimited.
    • arcania.admin - allows user to use admin function like /arcania reload.
    • arcania.spells - Allows user to see a list of spells.

    • Basic Config File - Completed
    • Command Cancellation - In progress
    • Spell List - Completed
    • Permissions Support - Not Started

    Once these are completed, I will post the plugin. Later I plan to add more features.​

    Planned Features
    • Group specific Max Mana Setting
    • In-Game Setting
    • Custom messages
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    I completed the spell listing on a long bus ride.
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    Here is one idea in my hat :) could it be shown in game next to health like a mana bar?
    I know ModLoader mods can change the in game GUI but I do not think bukkit plugins can.
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    yeah, that would require a SP mod, unless I hijacked the breath bar or something.
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    Yea, well hopefully in 1.8 we get some more things to work with even though its still some time away.
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    Ha, I need that bar i like to go for long swims!.
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    BukkitContrib is working on a GUI interface, I might use that for a bar.
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