[RPG/INFO] SimpleOOC v1.1 - Go out of character, and let people know! [1000]

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    Type /ooc to go OOC!​
    Plugin Name: SimpleOOC
    v: 1.1
    SimpleOOC brings you features like Essential's "AFK". By typing /ooc, it will announce that you have gone OOC by saying "<Username> has gone OOC". When you talk when your OOC, it shows up as "<Username>[OOC]". This is for Roleplaying servers that dont have chat channels for OOC and IC.
    Tested against Bukkit: 1000
    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33689892/SimpleOOC.jar
    Permissions node:
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    ooc.use - Gives Permission to use the /ooc command

    • Permissions (2.0 or 3.0)
    • Some sort of chat plugin. (ex. HeroChat)
    • 1.0: Initial plugin release.
    • 1.1: Fixed a bug with the [OOC] tag.
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    • Jay Roche - Lead Development
    • bassfader - Coding Help
    • Waterpicker - Testing Help
    • RuinCraft/MedievalCraft - Plugin Implementation
    • Bukkit - Hosting the Plugin

    Report Bugs:
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    Report Bugs to jay@medievalcraft.net
    Thank You,
    -Jay Roche
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    Grammar Troll

    Nice plugin! Adding [OOC] above the player's head (can be done with Spout) will make this the ideal plugin.
  3. Thanks! ^_^ I have contacted them and work is underway. Thanks for the tip.
    -Jay (Lead Development)
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.

    changelog has to show last two versions without a spoiler
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    Grammar Troll

    (and you need to include the craftbukkit build this plugin was tested against in the title)
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    Running EssentialsChat and have Perms 3.1.6 and yet, when i say /ooc it says I am OOC, but when I type, there is no prefix/suffix...
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  8. Is it showing any errors in your server log?
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    Negative, no errors.
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    Aye, I'm getting no errors. I am using Permissions 2.x with iChat, but no prefix/suffix. Any help would be needed. Thanks bro.
  11. Herochat is known to work the prefix, with Permissions 3.x, we havn't tested against 2.x of Permissions and iChat.
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    So is there a distance on this?

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