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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Kainzo, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I know I'm waiting patiently for it. I was joking anyways :p
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    It's soon.

    We're delayed by a technical hitch atm
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    Looks like Heroes *sunglassess* needs a Hero
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    Wait or go sleep ? :)
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    I'm gonna be an Insane"hero" :p
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    Question: How do you all deal with mob spawners? I just downloaded a plugin that disables them to a large extent in anticipation for heroes.

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    We've run into a bit of a hiccup, it involves rebalancing damage/health - (it will be a toggle feature) for those who want to attach hp gain to leveling and much more.

    As soon as we find a solution we will push Heroes - it will be fully RB ready.
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    I am so glad to hear. I have been looking forward to this plugin for awhile now. Id ask you to raise my children but then you'd have less time to work on the plugin ;P
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    Are you guys supporting SuperPerms before you update?
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    We'll probably release and then move to support it. We're still working at that bug.
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    Can't wait, its hard testing the heros plugin on your server while getting spawn camped and raided every min :/
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    learn to fight back like i did =P
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    Just deleted a major part of my server hoping Heroes release is today... (or I'm stuck without plugins) :D
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    It's like 6am in America. You're probably going to have to wait at least another 12 hours.
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    Very, VERY excited about this plugin, thanks to @silthus for telling me about it.

    I have one question, sorry if it's already been answered I haven't read through the whole thread yet, but:

    Will we be able to make each class up on our own, or is there specified classes?

    My plan is to have a few separate professions, and then have each one level up on it's own, gaining permissions nodes through levels, I.E.:

    -Level 1
    -- permission.node
    -Level 2
    -- permission.node

    etc. etc.
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    You don't have to read the entire thread for that. The first page will do.
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    Indeed, and I'm just now getting to bed.

    Yep. None of the classes are hard coded. The plugin understands the concept of a class, but it's up to you to define what the available classes are and what skills they can acquire in the configs.

    This is very doable. Classes can be assigned actual skills designed for Heroes or they can be assigned permissions to allow integration of other plugins as skills.

    Sleepy time, then more time attacking this damage issue so we can release to you guys.

    Edit: my signature doesn't want to show :(
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    Ah ok cool, this plugin is just what I've been needing then!
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    Currently on herocraft mob spawners are free game, though its set to where mobs don't drop items from deaths by the elements, which means either a player or another mob is required to kill it to gain an item. But if users want to grind for hours on end to lvl up then they're free to do so. I sure did:cool:
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    At initial we won't be supporting it - but will after as, Rightlegred said.

    While we're on topic:
    We will have two "Skills" repos

    Official Skills:
    Skills brought to you by the HC team or are so solid we cant pass them up
    Public Skills:
    Skills submitted by the community/guest devs that others may want to use / DL.
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    Woow, this sounds soo awesome, is there a Date when the plugin comes out?
    Or a way to test it already?
  25. Have you even read the thread? Honestly?

    Edit: Question for the Devs, what Permissions plugin does this use at the moment?

    Will it work with Permissions3 or GroupManager? Want to know if I should start preparing to switch systems.
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    Will be working with permissions 3 if I'm not mistaken
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    First thing I did upon waking is to check this thread. I know you other admins did it too.
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    It should be getting released within the next couple of days, but if your in that much of a hurry you can get whitelisted for the herocraft server and test it out there
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    We wont be supporting GM. Perms 3.1+ and SuperPerms shortly after.
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    Wish I could lvl 6 or so caster vs high lvl samurai and constant raids making it impossible to build or level up as the ambushes knock my level back down. I could see fighting back before the Heros plugin came out but now if you're new its near impossible to fend off people that have been leveling :/
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