Inactive [RPG/FUN/MECH] MagicalSpells v1.62 - Collect Materials - Craft Wands - Cast Spells [1.3.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Squish000, May 17, 2012.

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    Hi, I added all perms individually to the essentials group manager,
    it works great now, probably the coolest plugin ever made, congratz!
    the user package works fine, didn't need to add those perms individually,
    however magicalspells.admin and magicalspells.* don't work,
    doesn't really matter if you add all the other perms, but perhaps this can be solved.
    I'm gonna cast some more spells now,
    Thx for the great plugin!!!
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    Hey I have a problem. It says I have to install the Vault plugin, but I cant find it, please help. :(
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    Hi guys. I'm a bit new at setting up plugins and stuff. I'm running a small server for friends and decided to try this plugin. It looks great, but the problem is that I have all the items, yet it says that I don't have the ingredients.

    See here. magicalspells not crafting.png

    What am I doing wrong? I'm an op, so I should be able to craft it, right? Thanks.
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    I tested it and it turns out 'brick' means bricks block. I can't do much about this as it uses minecrafts code to get the name from the id and apparently brick blocks and called 'brick'.
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    Hmm... sooo... This is somewhat confusing then... I'm using the console to give myself the items to amke sure that everything is working, but I don't get how no one else is having a problem when the items (not on your part) are misnamed... brick... is NOT bricks. As a matter of fact, if I type /give user bricks... it doesn't even recognize that as an item. Is there an updated list of item IDs somewhere? the one I found is out of date and doesn't list some things such as cracked sandstone... which I can't even find anywhere... including the minecraft items wiki.

    Hmm... maybe the config file will shed some light on things.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ok looked at the config file. Got it to work. Thanks.

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    Can anybody help me? It tells me to install something called Vault, but I don't get that when i download the plugin. Help Please!:(
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    This was posted about 3 posts above you -.-
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    Sorry if I overlooked this but is there a way to add wear to the wands? I'd like the caster to have a limited casts before they need to craft a new wand, a wand for life seems a little OP.

    Thanks a ton, love the plug!

    Also, I noticed if you have a 2 minute cooldown on something you can just right-click to attempt to switch spell and it says you have to wait for cooldown then recharges really fast. Exploit?

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    I got a problem. I have wands set up for different groups (using essentials groupmanager), and my permissions are setup as they are supposed to be via the site (magicalspells.craft.<wandname> and magicalspells.use.<wandname>) and, unless you are op, you can't craft wands. Everyone gets the "don't have permission" error. Seems to be a common issue. Little help?

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