Inactive [RPG/FUN] Marriage - Marry Players [1.2.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Dreanor, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Thats actually a good idea. I will add that with economy support.

    New version (1.4.1) is out! The latest known errors are now fixed.

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  2. Dreanor, do you have a website for the plugin or for yourself?
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    Nope. There is no need for a website at the moment.
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    could you implement sex? Like, after it, you create an NPC? maybe /sex <username>
    I'm completely serious, this would be a unique way to generate NPC's. Hopefully no nudity; just after you do the command, you wait a while, and you get an NPC.
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    Some sort of childs has been requested. At the moment im not that familiar with NPC'S, haven't touched them know. I may add this and there will be no nudity and maybe something instead of /sex since there are lots of children that play this game.
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    hehe awesome plugin great job :D [pig]
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    Thanks to ZoRkCreativeCrafts, french is now available as a pre-localizated file.
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    When will you include the sharing of bank accounts?
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    It's done when it's done.
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    You are extremely fast at replying, thanks.
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    No problem. I can reply fast if im at the pc.
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    Whean i type /marry (playername) it says that the same gender marrage is not allowed tho she is a do i fix this?
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    If you use Marriage with the Gender plugin you can only marry people that are the opposite gender.
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    That is really messed up, why not gay marriage?
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    Don't use the Gender plugin and everything is fine.
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    Do you ahve a server with this Dreanor?
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    Nope. I don't have my own server but I'm the head admin at a friends server blcraft you can also check this page with servers that are currently use the plugin.
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    Suggestion: Maybe have their iConomy account linked? Like they get %40 of each's money every hour or so.
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    Excuse me, but I have a suggestion for the creator of this plugin. I believe that this plugin should include Mormonism so that players can marry multiple people and live as a big happy family. I hope that you read this and take my request into consideration; thank you. =)
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    Suggestion: Im serious But add sex just no nudity and make NPC's to follow both people around and waht is the ip to BLcraft
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    That has been requested and will be added in the future.

    I will come to that later, I still have a lot of requests and not that much time. It could take a while since im doing the plugin for fun.

    If you want to check our server your welcome. (
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    How do you approve something like this??? this is bs! lol
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    If you don't like it, don't use it.
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    This is certainty an interesting plugin, but amazing work for it being your first project. Good luck!
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    Helamã Prince

    Ótimo, pelo menos agora vamos poder usar a dita igreja para algo, adorei, evolua mais seu plugin, estarei seguindo a evolução do seu plugin.
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    Yes, but that's encouraging our children to not accept gay individuals and prohibiting them to marry

    Edit: Could you perhaps add in domestic partnership for gay couples?
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    I will update some stuff next week when I have some time to spend.
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    how do you set a priest?
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    Enable domestic abuse
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    Is it possible to give the wife player a bonus to cooking skill?

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