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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by levi_MC, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Name: RPG Factions

    Version: 1.13.2


    Basically what I am looking for in this plugin is a way to have a server like the one "PitForge" made by ssundee.

    On this server, there is a warzone (In my case I would like 5 if thats possible). and then there is also separated plots, that can be raided sort of like Clash of Clans, where its random who you raid, and when you run the command to raid somebody it teleports you to a random island.
    The other feature would be to be able to make your own island/base by running a command such as /is create etc.

    If this isnt enough detail let me know and ill add more, and if you know of a plugin that could work for this please write it down below.

    Thanks! -Levi
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    Honestly a really good and creative idea, however this would definitely take some time to make.
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