[RPG/ADMN/FUN] MyRoleplay v0.1 - Enhanced RPG [1337]

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    MyRoleplay - Complex jobs/classes for your server! [1000-1337]
    Do you want people to have jobs on your server? Do you want to have some kind of leveling up system? If you answered yes too both these questions MyRoleplay is perfect for you! MyRoleplay enhances the RPG experience with multiple jobs, different special abilities for each job, an xp gaining system, and much more! This plugin allows your players to pick their class/job and gain xp for doing the things the class/job is meant to do and if they fulfill their duties they will level up! ALL PERMISSIONS ARE SUPPORTED! If you find any bugs please post the full log of the error in a thread on this post. FOR FURTHER SUPPORT VISIT THIS PLUGIN ON BUKKIT DEV - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/myroleplay/#w-myroleplay
    Features -
    -MultiWorld compatible
    -4 different jobs/classes
    -Permissions support
    -Leveling up based on xp
    -When no permissions is found it defaults to OP

    Commands -
    rpg help (displays all commands available to you)
    rpg classes (displays all available classes)
    rpg see [ClassName] (displays info about the specified class)
    rpg class [ClassName] (selects that certain class to be your class)
    rpg admin (displays a list of admin/op commands)
    For all the possible commands type /rpg help

    Permissions -
    rpg.player.* (all basic player commands)
    rpg.admin.* (all admin commands)
    rpg.player.help (lets players view the help menu)
    rpg.player.ClassName (replace ClassName with the name of the class and this will allow that player to use that certain class)
    rpg.admin.setexp (allows admins to set players xp/level)

    Upcoming Features -
    - Right click signs and get that class (already in the next version!)
    - 2 more classes
    - More skills

    Known Bugs -
    - Currently none but I HIGHLY recommend to not use the reload command

    Credits -
    Technius - Solved a small bug
    Me - Coded everything! :)

    Changelog -
    0.1 - Release

    Downloads -
    MyRoleplay - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    What class should I add next?
    -Bro (gives other people items and gets extremely high xp for it)
    -Blacksmith (hit iron block and increase tool durability)
    -LumberMan (gets xp for choping down trees)
    -Miner (gets xp for mining configurable ores)
    COMMENT ON THIS POST WITH /sign (class you want added) TO TELL ME!
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    Did you think about increasing the durability of tools according to the class?
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    hmm I really like this idea actually I'll add this too the next update
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    Again. Rising up! Keep it up man!
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    And why not a blacksmith class ?
    Hit a iron block with a tool and it durability increase.
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    I'd Recommend you create a BukkitDev project page, and link it here. Plugin Submissions are going to be phased out sooner or later, and BukkitDev is the future of plugins.
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    I already made one, hasn't been approved yet.
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    I like this :D Is it possible to add a prefix [ClassHere] when they pick a class?

    also when you pick warrior and do /class see warrior it says:
    All skill cooldowns are shorten form level 6 to 10. ( Is it suppose to say form? )
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    Thanks for the positive feedback :) and yes it is meant to say that sorry I know it kind of sounds weird. And the prefix thing - great idea I'll try to implement it in a few more updates.
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    Can you implement certain level requirements to use certain tools ?
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    Do you mean like for example a Miner or something of that sort would have to use say a pickaxe to level up? If so yea I can do that.
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    Yeah, something like that would be great.
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    It will be in the next update :)
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    Great, can't wait. Keep up the great plugin work btw.

    One more question, do you have an ETA for the next update?

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    Few more days

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