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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by runefist, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Dear guys,

    I know this plugin is already in development but the page is already under moderation for a week! I am talking about pylamo's restoration system. I loved it, now it finally updated and the day I wanted to download the new build, it was under maintenance. I would love some information of why this page is under maintenance or if someone is making a new one, or the maker has a new name for it :p I hope someone knows a good plugin to restore stuff because I cannot find this plugin anywhere, anymore :/

    Kind regards,
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    runefist This forums section is for those concerned in creating/developing plugins, not those who want to download someone else's plugins. Please find the right section to post this, or possibly ask the developer in his plugin page.
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    There is none ... And I am asking IF someone could make this plugin IF this other version is gone... So please... I am on the right forums...
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    Iroh Retired Staff

    What page are you refering to?
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    You're not a coder, you don't need help with a project you're doing, you don't want to learn how to code. Your post doesn't meet PD criteria, it's in the wrong section.
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    I have already made 5 plugin for my server ... Is it that hard to UNDERSTAND what I am asking, which is:
    Could someone make a similar plugin that restores a region in it state it was saved... And yes I could maybe make this plugin myself but I have not that much spare time.
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    runefist First of all, don't use so many ellipses. It looks stupid. Secondly, if you want someone to make you a plugin or work with you to make one, then you make a thread in Plugin Requests. If, and only if, you are currently in the process of making a Bukkit plugin, and you don't understand / need help with something, then you come here.
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    1. There are plenty of plugins that do this. Try LogBlock or Prism.
    2. This isn't the place to make plugin requests, it's the place to seek out help with your code.
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    Iroh Retired Staff

    If you are making a request, please put it in your first post *clarify it*, and I will move the thread, and remove all the now unrelated posts.
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