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Discussion in 'Resources' started by JPG2000, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Pre-note: I did not make this, or edit this. This is from Appljuze and I thought this would be so usefull.

    I looked through a pile of config recources, and none of them compare. There not even close.

    1. MyConfigManager manager;
    2. MyConfig homesConfig;
    3. myConfig homes2Config;
    5. public void onEnable(){
    6. manager = new MyConfigManager(this);
    8. homesConfig = manager.getNewConfig("homesConfig.yml");
    9. homes2Config = manager.getNewConfig("homes2Config.yml");
    10. }

    That would make 2 configuration files. homesConfig.yml and homes2Config.yml.

    Its soooooo easy. The get new config method will make a new config if it doesnt exsist, and load if it does. Its the eisest way to make a config, I was so suprised, so I had to share it more publicly.

    Config class -

    Config manager class-
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    I can't trust this without the source ;)
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    DSH105 No, I actually got it offf of a video, since I didn't know it was on this forum. Hence the "Usefull to people" part on the beggining. Feel free to delete, I just wanted the fourms to have this.
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    I didn't create this, as I said in the video. I just modified it to make it more compact and also added a few new methods. I have updated the video with the new methods that were added, so I would re-do this post with the new links :)

    DSH105 I couldn't remember where I originally got this from, thank you.

    Special thanks to Log-out for providing the original source for this.
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