[RESOLVED] Server issues [30/05]

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    We are currently experiencing issues with one of our servers.

    This downtime affects the following services:
    • jd.bukkit.org
    • dl.bukkit.org
    • Minecraft Account Association
    • Curse Account Association
    • certain aspects of forums login (now resolved)
    • plugins.bukkit.org
    I am working towards a speedy resolution, but cannot at present provide an estimated timeframe for the restoration of the listed services.
    Services unaffected include the forums, repo.bukkit.org and BukkitDev.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Services are coming back online. I will continue monitoring the situation as it normalises.

    All services appear to be stable and running normally. Sorry for the downtime!

    Technical writeup:
    The initial downtime appears to have been caused by the interaction of a cronjob and a reaper script designed to clean up after some runaway processes that occasionally execute. The end result was that an incorrect pkill command was executed (as root), which lead to everything that could be killed being killed. There was a delay while I tried to get in contact with Multiplay Game Servers (who sponsor that jail) to regain access to the machine. Once this was done, all the affected services were started back up again and the situation returned to normal.

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