[Resolved] Calling it Quits. Help Thread Closed. Can't stand this.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Orcem12, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Are my acting like a baby? possibly.

    Why are you closing the thread then Orcem? I'm closing my thread because it's turned into a nightmare of competition. I've received hurtful pm's through skype (I am not going to share) about how other "Need Help?" threads saying they are going to "Take me down".

    I'm closing my thread because It became a horrid monster. I will not compete for moral cause.

    @ All the people I helped and to those looking for help; I'm sorry. I'm leaving. I'm not a fan of competition for helpful activities. Friendly competition is healthy, yes, but this is out of control. There are now plenty of help threads that will assist you in your Bukkit server creation.

    For now, I will stay silent. Again I'm sorry for acting like a stubborn child. I just don't see the cause in why I must count how many people I have on my help thread nor send hateful Skype messages.

    @People who sent me Skype message (Email as well); Sorry for helping. You win.

    Goodbye Help Thread.
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    I´m feeling like replying here.
    Just want to told you that you did a great job
    and I am sorry for you that such people exist on
    the world. Never saw so desperated mad people.
    Keep on your good work not for them but for you.

    Sry for my badass english XD
    good wishes
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    I second the motion by @LetzGo
    You were trying to help, and people responded with hostility.
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    @Orcem12 - I'm very sorry to hear that :(
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    No good deed goes unpunished.
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    How fucking sad.

    Helping people is not a competition for who can do it best, its about getting people the knowledge they need to run the server. There should be nothing but friendly competition in this area (aka, "I beat you to responding to that post.")

    This shit makes me feel inclined to shut down every "We're here to help" thread out there.
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    I totally agree. I might come back on the basis of just ignoring the messages but some of them I got was eye bleeding. I couldn't believe some of the people of the people that could respond so strongly about some simply giving them help. It makes no sense. I only sent one message back saying "I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. My intentions wasn't trying to hurt you in anyway." Some responded with challenges others with insults and others with pure intention to hurt me emotionally. I go out of my way to provide something that I thought people would want. Instead it turned into a bloody battle to see who could help who, who could get moderator off this, who had that most views and replies, etc. I love bukkit, I love the staff and I love the members. I am the forum flower child if you will, I have no intentions on hurting any ones ego. I may troll sometimes but who doesn't? Please accept me when I say one of my favorite quotes:
    "A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward."
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    Why don't just help people then? I don't care if its someones else topic because they still are there for help. Haven't got any angry "GTFO THIS IS MY TOPIC" message yet.
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    Whoever's doing that is a very, very sad person.
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    The person has been forgiven. I've received a touching email explaining the situation and asked for forgiveness. I have granted this particular person forgiveness. I'm glad this all ended well.
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    Let me make this perfectly clear. If you are caught abusing other forum members, for any reason, you will be banned, much less never becoming a mod on these forums. This is an inclusive community - not exclusive. If someone else comes to help out on the forums, you welcome them with open arms and try to lead by example based off your experience.
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