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    So their is clan plugin but i thuaght this one would be better and fun to use
    so here or the commands and info of the plugin
    So if you wanted to create a clan you would type in /clan create (name) 5-15 letter
    if you wanted to invite some one you would do
    /clan invite (name)
    or if they werent on you could do
    /clan finvite (Name) the f stands for Force
    when they wanted to create a clan home they would do /clan home Create and this will make a border of fence for like lets say 125x200
    and if they wanted a clan member to live their they would use a stick and make a selection and they would pick how much of a space and once they made their selecion they would type in /clan member create and then if you wanted to invite some one else you would do the same command
    Also they get the basic commands (owner of the Clan home) they would get the commands /base pvp off /base teleport off /base setspawn and they would also get /base mobs off /base tnt off
    When the clan get a # of kills a broadcast will say clan(name) just Earn 60Coins etc for example
    Deathforce Clan just earn 100Coins for killing 120Players
    Also when they wanted to check their stats they would do
    /stats and this is what will pop up
    mobs killed
    Owner/member of clan
    Owner of clan they are in (CLAN BOSS (Name of person who own clan)
    Thats it
    also The owner of the clan when they have a base they can create a store
    They would plase a chest In their (clan base)( to make a store they would use a stick and and make a selection and type in (/base Store create) Clan base and they would place the item they would want to sell in the chest and then they would type in (First they would right click the chest) /store sell (item)(amount)then it will say Item is not for sale when they get rid of the clan by
    typeing (/clan disband) their clan base will be griefable and they owner will have no commands and any commands he/she had set up in the base will all reset so like the person created the store and then disband the clan the store will still be their but he couldnt be able to buy stuff from their
    and if they wanted to go to the clan base they would type in /base spawn
    and it will teleport them
    Ok so that pretty much it if their something I forgot to say let me know and I will add it in the bio
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    clans, its a plugin.

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