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    Plugin category: [Web]

    Suggested name: Serverlog Display

    A bit about me: I am an active server admin always trying to streamline my server and make certain tasks allot easier. I currently run a server with over 100 plugins located at www.netherrealms.net.

    What I want: I would like to see a plugin that would redo the server.log file. sometimes the file gets so huge it will crash whatever program i use to open it. I dont have one of those state of the art pc's so i was curious if someone could whip up a plugin that would put it on a webserver or just break the logs into days. each day a new log and perhaps post it like a pastie? and create maybe an index file listing all the dates that contain the logs?

    so many people need to use pastepin or pastie for any server logs anyway why not have a feature that does it for us and hosts it like a webserver sorta like dynmap does with the tiles and info.

    Ideas for commands: /serverlog purge - would clear all the logs

    Ideas for permissions: serverlog.admin

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible, but i will bump this post up every other day and hope someone takes this project on.

    Similar plugin requests: None.
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    I would also like this.
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    Conderan thanks glad someone else thinks this is a good idea :)


    maybe you might be interested in this sense its a web plugin?

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    bump? anyone?
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    This kinda related to what you're requesting:

    I have a plugin I made laying around that will take your log file and .zip it (and create a new empty one) if it gets to be greater than 20mb in size. want it?
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    i was hopeing for a html display so its easy to just post the link rather then open up copy it and put it on pastie or paste.org, also be easier to see and format seach and other spiffy features. if someone could make the jar i could do the html display and search functions ect... maybe do a mysql db?
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