[Request] Very Simple Hunger Games Arena Plugin

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  1. Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: SimpleHungerArena

    A bit about me: I'm a minecraft player with a server who would like to make a hunger games arena, but have it be extremely simple.

    What I want:
    1. Op sets spawn points (2-25).
    2. Players join player list with /sha join

    3. Op starts the game with a command /sha start.
    4. Players get warped to the spawn points (1 player each point).
    5. Deaths in the arena get announced with a boom and a message, e.g. "Tribute %player killed tribute %player with a %weapon! There are now # tributes left in the arena." And if they are not killed by another player, "%player forgot to watch out for traps. There are now # tributes left in the arena."
    -- note: when a player dies, they will be removed from the player list, and remaining amount of players on list = #
    5. If someone leaves game, they are removed from player list.
    6. The last person standing is announced winner.

    Ideas for commands: /sha join, /sha start

    Ideas for permissions: This should be a default:true permission player.canread and set it to false if they can't read this post.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP Please like next weekend:)

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: No idea

    Thank you:)
  2. Anybody? This should be simple.
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    Do u want players to be able to tp out of the arena?
  4. No, they shouldn't be able to use any commands. :)
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    Bump, I would like it too. Hosting MCHG Event.
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    Do you want the arena to be like a set area, or just a spawnpoint, and you build the arean :p.
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    Spawnpoint for me... Have them tp to iron blocks
  8. Just spawn points
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  10. Not really. He is going waay to complex i would like to keep it simple.:)
  11. Anyone willing to do this?;0
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    That plugin he linked seems perfect ... in fact i will probably use it now.
  13. It looks promising, but it does not have all the features that i need.
  14. Yiu could do a lever that pushes te tributes up from their spawn point... I could do the plugin except for the different spawn points
  15. Okay is anyone interested please? ;/
  16. You know much Java? All you really need is onCommand() with the two commands in it, do args and then have them add the player to an ArrayList, then you would have a onPlayerDeath(PlayerDeathEvent event) where they would get removed from the ArrayList. You would also do the previous for onPlayerQuit(PlayerQuitEvent event)

    I'm not too advanced so I don't know how to code the different spawn points but other than that top of this post is all you need.
  17. What color do you want the death message?
  18. hawkfalcon
    K, Working on it right now, I currently have the commands for joining, teleporting players to beginning locations (with correct perm) Death upon quitting and message announcing player deaths! Will continue work on this and tell you when it's ready!
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    YAY thanks! If you decide to pm that person, pm me too!
    I'm really excited for this and I'm starting to learn java... All I know is that HelloWorld thing XD, but im learnin!
  20. Do you want the players to die upon leaving or just get removed off the list?
  21. Almost done with this plugin! Need a few more tests and configuration if you want the option! Will send for the final test!
  22. zecheesy
    Just watch this thread and I will update you on things
  23. Will hopefully be ready tomorrow!
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    Hey I have some more suggestions. Look here.
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    Could I suggest only announcing the dead players during night or does that take the 'simple' out of it?
  26. I might be able to do that
  27. zecheesy
    You're going to have to tell me, it won't let me open that page
  28. zecheesy
    Just tell me the features you want, I found the post, I'm not going to be able to do all that...
  29. K, currently have the plugin doing this:
    - Players are teleported to spawn upon logging in
    - They join with /ha join
    - A message appears on death saying "**BOOM** Tribute <Deadguy> was killed by <Killer> with a(n) <Weapon>!"
    - Then it says how many tributes are left
    - Admin will teleport players to their start point by typing /startpoint [Playername] (this will teleport the player to your location) (Must have permission ha.teleport)
    - If there is one tribute left it will announce that they are the winner and will give them 10 diamond
    - When a player quits they will be removed from the game.

    Anything else you want? I might add configuration if you guys want it!
  30. oh, and the admin would also have to rig a piston elevator thing so they are down in their tubes then the admin flips a switch and it pushes them to the surface

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