Request: The phrase "latest build" not helpful

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by monotonehell, Jan 16, 2011.

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    When devs are posting their plugins or others are reporting bugs, a lot of people are referring to the "latest build". This is not helpful. Currently there's a new build quite often, which means if you write this phrase it will be out of date very soon.

    Instead please refer to the specific CraftBukkit you are building against or the CraftBukkit you are attempting to run the plugin under. Eg "This plugin currently works with CraftBukkit Build#66."

    I think this would help everyone.
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    i'm with ya on that! i still haven't got any answer as to WHERE this mysterious version # is in both bukkit and craftbukkit... it's usually in the MANIFEST.MF file, but it's not in there.. They use Maven, which has pom.xml and, both of which have no versioning #... Why am I not seeing this?!
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    You dont know what version you downloaded and installed? lol
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    Not sure aobut you guys but on the recently Annoucment on the Download Link say .458 so im assumeing its craftbukkit 4 #58
    Also havnt foudn one plugin that hasnt worked for it or error'ed on friends or my server.
    As long as the Plugin is Updated to recent Mod Update... its working...
    Ive got Installed:General, Gaurdian (Niji), Iconomy (Niji), Colth Color, FlashLight, Healthy, iStick, and Warp gate.
    Theres the link for ya.
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    i hate this site.... so... the download file is in ARTIFACTS?
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    yeah, its the .jar file you want under artifacts
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    I was going to add a hint about the manifest file, but yes, recently there's been no build numbers in there.

    Actually that link points specifically to build 66. Which is the "latest" as I write this, but wont be in the near future.

    Ahem... "lol" ;P
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    I agree with the OP. List build #'s.

    Tomorrow when 72 is the 'latest build' your previous post no longer makes any sense...
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