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    Pending the realization of this idea on get satisfaction, it would be nice if one developer would make this possibility true with a plugin. I don't know if it's possible, but if yes, it wont be such a big deal.
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    I requested similar thing on hey0 forums, but it turns out that stacks are handled by client, except if server gives you pre-stacked items. I guess it's possible by removing all signs from the inventory and give you stack of the signs each time you get new sign. Very messy if you ask me.
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    I want stackable doors, signs, and other stuff that's non-stackable, not just signs. Still something I would like to see as a plugin, though.
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    Last night I check how I could write this plugin (if it's possible, etc.), and for now, the needed events are not implemented yet. I hope, when this will be done, that plugin will be possible. I will try to write it, since I has already code java, but never a plugin. There's a lot of thing to check, and all operation need to be possible (like, merging in inventory, in chest, in workbench and pick up a broken sign on the floor).

    I will try first with the sign, but it sure when it work that I will add all none-stackable item to this plugin, except for food, weapon and armor. Next thing will be to add a configuration file to choose witch item you want to be stackable.
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    WorldGuard has been doing this for the past few months. It's /stack
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    See: Stackable, control stackability of any item

    Oh. I didn't notice this. But, when all the proper event hooks will be implemented, my plugin will made all the operation without any user intervention.
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    Well, I usually don't read much the signatures, so who know, anyways then lets not waste the post, I can only tell you that youre plugin works fantastic, good job and keep it up, very useful plugin :)
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    Thanks to you. ;)

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