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    Here's the plugin I'm drawing inspiration from: http://forum.hey0.net/showthread.php?tid=3949

    As useful as the plugin was, it was a bit clunky. Some skills, such as Axes weren't necessary.
    Here's how the plugin worked:
    - Skills of all types, whether it be mining, combat, etc
    - Every time you performed an action in the skill, you would earn experience (say, break a stone block, earn Mining experience)
    - Enough experience = level up
    - More levels = faster the block would break, or the more blocks you could break. If you weren't a certain level in Mining, you couldn't mine diamond, iron, gold, etc. Also, the higher level you are, the more you yield by mining. So if you're a Level 5 miner and you mine a level 1 block (Stone) you'll earn 2-4 Stone, instead of 1.

    To add something new, is it possible to limit crafting by level? If you're a level 1 Carpenter, you would be able to craft, say, Wood Planks, but you wouldn't be able to craft a Fence until level 2, or a Bookshelf until level 3.

    A stellar plugin of this type would require these skills:

    Breaking Skills
    -Mining (Clay, Stone, Cobblestone, Coal, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Redstone, Netherrack, Glowstone)
    -Logging (Logs, Wooden Planks)

    Crafting Skills
    -Masonry (Brick, Stone, Cobblestone, Stone Slab, Cobblestone Stairs, Sandstone)
    -Carpentry (Wooden Planks, Bookshelf, Ladders, Wooden Stairs, Signs, Chests, Bowls, Bows)
    -Mechanical (Levers, Buttons, Pressure Plates, Dispensers, Noteblocks, Jukeboxes, Minecarts, Minecart Tracks, Compasses, Clocks)
    -Printing (Books, Paintings)
    -Cooking (Cake, Porkchops, Fish, Bread, Mushroom Soup)
    -Alchemy (Bones, TNT, Dyes)
    -Metallurgy (Smelting, Iron/Gold/Diamond Armor, Iron/Gold/Diamond Tools)

    Weapon Skills
    -Swordsmanship (Swords) Increases Durability and Damage done by Swords by 2x per level
    -Archery (Bows) Increases Damage done by Bow and Arrow by 1.5x per level
    -Unarmed (Fists) Increases Damage done by Fists by 1.5x per level.

    Armor Skills:
    -Light Armor (Leather Armor) Increases Durability and Effectiveness of Leather Armor by 2x per level
    -Heavy Armor (Iron/Gold/Diamond Armor) Increases Durability and Effectiveness of Iron/Gold/Diamond Armor by 2x per level

    If you're interested in coding something like this, please PM me so I can fill you in on all the ideas I have.
    And if you're going to give anybody credit, give credit to Vollch for making the plugin in the first place.

    ALSO, Gathering Skills:
    -Harvesting (Increases Crop, Mushroom, Flower and Sapling yield by 1.5x per level)
    -Animal Husbandry (Increases Wool, and Leather yield by 1.5x per level)

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    Nice idea ;)
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    Looks interesting. I'm going to wait until Vollch is finished until I settle for anything, however.
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    your gunna have to ask if hes porting over i havent seen anything about it thus far just letting u know what ive got use it or dont haha ive got well over 500 downloads on each so im good man =)
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    Yep, PM'd him. He said he was porting, but without some of the hooks added, it's going to be a bit limited for now.
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    Damage\kill hook glitchy for now.

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