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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nagato, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Dear Santa Clause Bukkit Community,

    Anyone interested in making a new Role Playing Plugin that allows you to control mob stats. I just found out about minecraft server mods like 2 weeks ago and decided to make a server for myself everything is going smooth until i realized after an hour of play that... Mobs are so damn weak!

    I'm not sure if this idea was already been brought to the community before but here it goes:
    • Mobs have different levels ( shown by a text above their head? )
    • Higher levels means higher stats ( Damage and Health really.. )
    • Mob spawns Higher Levels the further you are from the spawn point ( has that RPG Progression kind of feel. )
    • Custom Mob Loots? ( or at least compatibility with other mob loot plugins )
    • I am currently using EasyRPG plugin so maybe a little extra and make it compatible with the exp gain on that plugin? ( Extremely Optional, but for me please do it :D )

    If i knew even a little of what i was doing, I would make this myself. but realizing that this is fastest method to obtaining a plugin like this. I thought id take the chance that someone might be interested! I claim nothing if this plugin is ever made.

    Additional Ideas:
    • The higher the monster level, the bigger the size? ( or color change if possible? )
    • higher level monster get extra special effects? (high level wolves have fire animation on them?)
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    i was looking 4 something like this too!! try mob control has some of the things u want and i also got easy rpg
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    That would be sick.
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    I was just about to make this very thread before I googled it and found this one. I love the idea of "Mob spawns Higher Levels the further you are from the spawn point". I could level up to say 32 and then have to build a new encampment out in Level 32 mob areas to stay current.
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    I love this idea. the mobs near spawn could be like level 5-10 and as you get further away (in chunks) they could average mugh higher. They would have higher health and do more damage, but would also somehow need to grant more XP when killed. I dunno how that last part would work though. If there weren't greater rewards, nobody would want to be bothered killing the higher level mobs.
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    I can make this. I just want to know what you guys had in mind, like just how strong they should be from the spawn to be stronger. That way I could create a simple equation to determine how they strong they will be.
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    Spawn area mobs could be total wimps, and increase health/damage progressively from there. Is there any way to display their levels?
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    I have already done most of the plugin. At the spawn they are one shot kills. But once you go about 1000 blocks away, they can kill you in one shot.

    Right now, they increase a level every 16 blocks(1 chunk), and their damage increases by 1 every 4 levels. This also means that they can't hurt you at the spawn. Their health increases by 0.75 every level but the decimals are chopped off so that their health in order of levels goes 0, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9...

    How does this sound.

    Almost Findished!

    I just need to program the commands!

    I will have a test version out soon so that people can try it before I submit it to bukkit.


    I have finished and submitted the plugin to bukkit.

    It is called MobStats and is currently in the plugin submissions forum. You can download it from there for now, but it will be on the actual plugin list soon.

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    Good news, maybe better than the news I had before.

    The current version doesn't have an effect on the experience in EasyRPG (though it does effect damage).

    The good news is, that I am now taking over development of EasyRPG so it will work with experience eventually.
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    Awesome! Can't wait to try this
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