[Request!] Get a permanent potion effect at a certain level

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  1. Jocke155 added something new, see the update post!
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    Alright! I tried to figure out how to use the template, but can you give a better raw, example? Can't get it working xD
  3. Jocke155 could you post yours inside some CODE tags? (Then I will fix it into a working one, and explain what you did wrong)
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    Code tags? Starting to get confused. The problem is that i don't understand how i should use the config..

    # follow this template (withouth the #):
    # levels:
    # - 1 (this is the level you need to have for certain things);
    # - 2 (the other level you need to have)
    # '1':
    # - (your potion), (your amplifier)
    # - (you second potion), (your second amplifier)
    # (you can add more of these)
    # '2':
    # - (your potion for the second level), (your amplifier)
    # - (your second potion for the second level), (your amplifier)

    - 1
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Jocke155 Code tags are these: [code]<Your stuff here>[/code]
  6. Jocke155
    code tags have nothing to do with the config, sorry for the confusion.
    This was a problem on my side, sorry for that. (It counted levels - 1, so if you was level 0, you would get the things you should get on level 1) I will update the download link, and add a raw example in the config (you will have to delete the old one)
    the new example in the config gives the user health boost level 1 if his/her experience is bigger or equals to 1. And, you don't have to use the 'code' annotation for the potions, you can just put in something like damage resistance instead of DAMAGE_RESISTANCE
    thanks, didn't know how to explain it

    Jocke155 please respond if it worked (btw, I added the anvil support) and, would you mind if I added permissions like leveleffect.5 and leveleffect.10 (for enabling stuff at the exp levels of 10 and 5, which you defined in the config) and a global toggle? And also, do you want a confirmation message (sends you what potion effects you got and that you are on a certain level)?
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    No message that tells wich level you are on.. :)
    I'll check out the update asap..
    Edit allright, i've tested it, and it seems to work, when i reach level 1 i get healthboost level 1 :)

    And the /toggle command is used to turn off the effect for a certain player, and be able to turn it on again ^^
    Just a command that disables the effect till you turn it on again.
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    And also, the permissions leveleffect. would be great :)
    and maybe a leveleffect.effects.* ( then you get permission for every level) :D
  9. Jocke155 I Will add This tomorrow and I will try to add the rest of the unadded features.
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    Well you are great! :D ty alot! :DD

    Upload it on bukkit dev when we got something nearer completed version :D
  11. Jocke155 you can see in the future! (I was just about to ask you if you would like me to upload it)
    but I think I will also do that tomorrow.
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    I'm good at plugin ideas, but i'm bad at java, have made 1 plugin haha :)
  13. Jocke155 think we should stop spamming this thread and start a private conversation.
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    Give us updates on here though! I'm still watching this thread...
  15. UltiFix I am developing it, but due to real life problems, it isn't finished yet (still some errors with the configuration) I will try to upload it somewhere in next week, because I have vacation then and don't have anything to do.
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    K thanks!

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