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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TewDIE, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I was just wondering if anyone have a good stable server with WorldEdit and WorldGuard installed and working.

    And If you would like to shar the stuff with me?
    I know how to configure a server and all that, but I do not know which craftbukkit build thats the most stable for the plugins OR how to get an older build for that matter.

    Would be great to have a fully working craftbukkit release.

    PS: of course it would be great with other working plugins installed as well. Admin tools etc.

    - TewDIE @kalops.se
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    Just get the latest build and install the latest plugins.
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    did, server crashing like crazy and not even half the stuff works.
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    Plugins aint keeping up with craftbukkits updates
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    uhh plugins should be backwards compatible should they not?

    This has WorldEdit and WorldGuard, running on craftbukkit 117
    You will have to edit the .bat file to make it work

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    yeah well I think i got some broken build from yesterday. I'm setting up a server on the most recent one atm.

    But thanks for the answer :)

    Anyway now i need a plugin that can handle groups kits, and not just kits for everyone. any tip?
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