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These Particles are better?

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  1. So, I was playing around with Redstone at a point and world edited a block when the server was halted and replaced it with redstone while it was lit up by a Redstone torch, I went under the redstone for fun and saw a particle I thought that would be amazing for blood, I would really like created so that its more realistic. Screenshot: ( and I couldnt find any plugin with any similarity and thought that you guys would be able to do this, since there are limits that plugin configs can reach, im guessing this is a partical that has no ID in minecraft so. If anyone can please create this plugin it would really be a good help with the blood on my server, the current blood is too blocky and creates too much pvp lag.
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    ill try it maybe this seems pretty simple
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    Consider it done!
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    hmmm ill give this a go for a bit of new to this api so im not sure ill get a working one XD
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Most people don't know what the filled thing is
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    hey hey hey, im trying to make it, like i said im new to this and im having not to much fun :p, btw anyone know why my listener is still saying it needs to be defined in its own file...its in its own class. @timtower

    and im not sure how to get the red stone particle effect, anyone have idea's

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    LordFox Listener can be in any class.
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    -_- lol, ive realised that i didn't need to have the listener so i scraped all the so new too this, how would i construct a event boolean for damage event. timtower
  9. LordFox You would need a Listener...

    You'd be better off posting in the plugin development section (with whatever code you've managed to get so far) although to be honest, it sounds like you're not really ready to be fulfilling requests. No offense. :)
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    @AdamQpzm like shamoo on a beach....i suggest somone else take over.not that ever wanted to be the furfiller. like i said i never wanted to be the furfiller cause i wont have working code
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    Doesn't that particle float upwards? That doesn't seem like the laws of physics blood drops follow :p I'll have a look at this when I get home..
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    when you guys do, do this, could one of you put up the source, i may come back to this kind of material later. and also so i can learn off this
  13. Thanks for all the responses<3 ^^
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    Hey! I'm not at home yet that's not fair! :D
  15. Haha :p Thanks for the support too<3

    Oh and consider the thread un-filled sorry, I just thought it looked a bit more nicer on the thread :)

    Im pretty certain your able to make it so the particle is on the ground and also knowingly it doesnt float from what it seems
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    Hmm, I'll mess around with particles when I get home and tell you :D
  17. Thanks! :D

    Hopefully you get home quicker and others! :D

    Well its un-filled now :D

  18. CatzFuriousSpeed 4 people have responded either saying they'll look into it or do it, only 1 has dropped out, and you only posted the thread today... I don't think that a bump is really necessary, do you?
  19. Sorry, I just want this done by today :(
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    Okay, I finished it, you can download it here.
    It's called BloodParticles.

    And sorry but you can't create particles like on the image, it's made client side.
    So I've done it with the redstone particles when you break a redstone wire.

    If this helped you, like, follow donate and don't forget to mark this as filled!
  21. Thanks! :D

    But if anyone can figure out how to get the redstone particles effect to work but for now ill use this one. :D

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    That's a mod, not a plugin mods are client-side, plugins are server-side.
    If a mod can do this, it doesn't mean a plugin can...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

  25. I am aware but, there is probally a particle that would do this.

    Sorry, I took down that post was a bit off topic.

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    I'm getting plenty errors when I copy paste this code into a new class...
    I never worked with this kind of things so please help me!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    au2001 Yeah, that are import errors mostly ( I guess )

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