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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by md_5, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Ignoring the quirky thread title, I need your guys help. In the near future I am planning to create a global permissions parser and abstraction layer. Basically this program / website will allow you to input permission(s) files where it will turn them into a plugin agnostic tree, and then turn them into a yaml file compatible with your favourite permissions plugin.
    There are many reasons to change permissions plugin, reliability, performance, ease of use, maybe you just want something new, or maybe you saw mbaxter 's document.

    Anyway in order to make this idea work, I need permission files, and lots of them, preferably really complex ones with lots of inheritance and stuff. Eventually I'll add a checker and visualiser to the tool, similar to the one we use at Essentials.
    If you are concerned about privacy, you may PM me a copy of your permission file, otherwise simply send a link to it below. I will not use your files for any other purpose than testing and designing this tool. Below is a list of contributors, and how many files I still need.

    PermissionsEX - By t3hk0d3
    PermissionsBukkit - By SpaceManiac
    bPermissions - By codename_B
    GroupManager - By ElgarL
    Privileges - By krinsdeath

    Thanks for your help, if you would like your permission system added, please let me know!
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    All your base are belong to us*

    Hey md_5, are you working on this solo or asking for a team behind it? If a team have you considered using GitHub? It looks interesting, What language?
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    Just me for now, it will be in Java, and I am well versed in GitHub, I have over 100 repositories spread throughout it.
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    how's the work on this going? I could really use a permissions parser. I'm having to go through and insert all of the permissions manually through the console and it has become a pain...
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    Do you only want the group sections of permissions files, or groups+users?
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    md_5 just for having a complete list:
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    I'm already writing something like this. It converts permissions files into plugin agnostic JSON files which can then be turned into other formats.

    I plan to write an intuitive editor for it later that generates the agnostic files which can then be turned into into real permissions files, that way there's 1 editor that works for all permissions systems.
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