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    Ok so I was thinking of a real roleplay plugin that allows you to make transportation for a very far location. You define the region of the airplane/ship and when you enter that region its almost like a countdown saying 2 minutes until takeoff! and after the countdown is over, you get teleported to a different location. [you can copy paste the airplane to the other airport] (I KNOW THIS IS POINTLESS TO SERVER WITH REGULAR WARPS, BUT AS I SAID THIS IS FOR REAL ROLEPLAY)
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    For Real Role play, The Plane would fly across the map. But doing that is VERY server intensive.

    For any developers thinking of doing this, you need them to define a region, and when someone types a command(Lets say Takeoff) it starts a delayed task. In the delayed task, make a for loop for any players in the defined space to teleport to the second point.

    Seems simple enough, good luck!

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    Also, you should format your post if you're actually interested in having it developed. :3

    Read the [READ ME FIRST]! ;)
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    he Formatted in 2nd post
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