[REQ]virtual level-cap expansion (advanced ceiling/bottom-teleport; +client mod)

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    now that i'm allmost done with my ceiling/bottom teleport plugin there are more ideas that come to my mind, but the one im doin right now is only a simple plugin. this would be a more advanced one. it should be a virtual level-cap expansion and needs a client-mod to change the way chunks are loaded and displayed. In short: stack the worlds!

    • load and display chunks from 2 or more worlds at the same time
    • e.g.: chunks from world2 are displayed above the chunks from world1 (only visualy, don't see entities)
    • when a player reaches hight 128 on world1, he should be teleported to world2 at hight 2 and vise versa
    • sky-lightning should be applied to the bottom world
    • falling sand,water and lava from world2 (ceiling) should continue falling/flowing on world1 (bottom)
    • option to load&display the chunks for a connection (would be good to disable for a cave-world)
    • if possible: add a size/distance modifier e.g: dm = 2: from the bottom world, all blocks and chunks from the top world are displayed at halfe size (2x2x2 blocks per m²) and from the top-world sight all blocks and chunks from the bottom world are displayed twice the size (1 block is 8 m³ -> covers 2x2x2 blocks) and only 2x2 waterfalls are continued to the bottom world

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