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    Category: Transportation
    Plugin Name: SetDefaultNetherWorld
    Requesting: All netherportals created goto one world that you assign in the config file.
    Some commands: /sdn spawn portal - /sdn set world {WORLD} nether - /sdn help - /sdn set mobs {WORLD} nether

    Quick description:

    I was working on this plugin but it got to complex for me..

    Is anyone able to make a plugin which makes a basic world act as the nether?

    With portal spawns ect..
    So when i go through a portal from one world it teliports me to the world i assigned into a config?

    i tryed multiverse ect.. but i wanted all portals as default to spawn and goto one world..

    ::Config File::

    Enable: true
    SpawnPortals: true
    SpawnPortalsto: {WORLD}
    Redirect Portal warp: {WORLD}
    Portal Material: {ID}
    Time to teliport in seconds: 5
    Spawn Nether Mobs in world: true
    Mobs die in the sun: false
    Anything else you can think to add?

    This is vital for my craftbukkit world so if anyone wants to take-up this idea PM and Have fun :)
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    So is anyone up for this? ;)
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    MultiVerse. Read the FRP yah :)
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    Nooo i said i dont like multiverse you cant set all portals to goto a world by default!
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    You can. Use MultiVerse Nether Portals.
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    .... -_- oh god..

    You have to make each portal! with /mvp i dont want that!
    i want a plugin to set a world as netherspawn portals!!!

    i make a nether portal in world1 and i walk in... then the plugin spawns a portal in my custom not netherworld but looks like it.. and i spawn.
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    soo anyone?
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    ............. :/

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