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    Plugin category:
    Suggested name:
    The Hunger Games (?)

    What I want:
    A plugin that Creates a map automaticly and makes it (configurable) size. It Randomly spawns players on the map (those that join) and they are given the task of surviving as long as possible.
    If the game goes over a spicifed time it will try to force players closer together with etc spawning lava or something. More creepers.
    This image shows it nicely: http://i.imgur.com/4wXV7.jpg
    (Not my image)
    Ideas for commands:
    /THG - new, start, join, restart, quit, etc

    Ideas for permissions:
    permission to join a game and permission to start restart and load(admin permission).
    thg.admin, thg.join
    Make the plugin be the gamemaster in that image
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    @bigggan I got this book for Christmas and haven't got round to reading it :p
    I like the idea of it all, so I will look into how hard it will be to create, and then post back here with my decision :)
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    Yes, that would be nice, its a good book, and i think it would fit in minecraft wery well, but maybe this would be a complex plugin to make.
  4. u could probably do this w/ mobArena but it wouldnt force the players together...its really not that hard of a concept though, if @EarlyLegend decides hes not game for it just send me a pm and we can talk more.

    O and out of the 3 books the first was BY far the best :D
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    The entire trilogy is amazing, although the last book in the series ends too quickly. Other than that, I love them.
  6. yeah they could have dragged it out like the harry potters :p
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    Check out my sig for a amost-complete project exactly like this.

    We've been developing it for over 10 months, and our thread on MCforums has over 130k views and over 4500 posts :). This plugin looks cool, I'm sure we could use it for the next version of the games once the team completes this one.
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    Maybe not as much as Harry Potter, but definitely longer than they are :/

    I love reading about young children fighting to the death. I found another book, not exactly like the Hunger Games, but interesting all together. It's called Unwind and it's pretty good. I would suggest it to those who like the Hunger Games.
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    I would love this! I've asked for something like this before, but I'd want it as a plugin, not another server to join. I was also wondering if you meant for the only thing on the server or like a mini game thing.
  10. u know i honestly have no idea what i meant or what i am saying :D did i say i was going to make this plugin??? o jk i guess i didnt. wow i am SO confised :)

    @EarlyLegend any progress yet? i dont want to start anything that ur working on :p
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    Haha, in that last part I was talking to bigggan.
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    No, go ahead! I started thinking about ways I could do it and it would be too hard for my noob-knowledge of java. This is better suited to a more established developer, so go ahead :D

    I have been reading the first book, and I couldn't put it down - I bet I'll have finished the trilogy before the weekend is up!
  13. lol they are good books :D
  14. well to whom it may concern, from the ashes of this thread me and TheEpicLobster have created EpicTourney. I'll roll out a beta after a few more tests and bugfixes :D
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    Sounds nice :D
  16. i quite like it :D

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