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    So I'm thinking my idea is simple enough, the Plugin would work like this.

    Step 1 : Deletes ores on the map that are selected in config file. So if you select gold and diamoand those ore veins would now be gone from your map and wouldn't not generate in new chunks.

    Step 2: Stone now has a chance to drop the ores deleted from the map based on configurable factors. ie; depth the player is mining, a percent chance of drop rate, lighting visibility, and the tools they are using.

    A Purely Fake Config but you get the idea of how it would work.
    #Remove ores from map and stop them being Generated in new chunks.
    Coal: False
    Iron: False
    Gold: True
    Diamond: True
    Redstone: False
    Lapis: False

    #Ore Drop Percentage rate.
    Coal: False
    Iron: False
    Gold: 0.5
    Diamond: 0.4
    Redstone: False
    Lapis: False

    #Blocks that drop ores when mined. "1 = Block Id for Stone"

    Coal: False
    Iron: False
    Gold: 1
    Diamond: 1
    Redstone: False
    Lapis: False

    #Tools increase drop rate percentage
    Tools: True
    Ironpick: 0.2
    Diamondpick: 0.5

    #Light increases drop rate percentage
    Lighting: True
    LightDropPercent: 0.2

    #Depth Layers Ores Can Be Found
    Coal: False
    Iron: False
    Gold: 5 - 25
    Diamond: 0 - 18
    Redstone: False
    Lapis: False

    #Announce Found Ores To Server
    Announcement: True
    AnnounceFoundCoal: False
    AnnounceFoundIron: False
    AnnounceFoundGold: '{name} Found Gold!'
    AnnounceFoundDiamond: '{name} Found Diamond!'
    AnnounceFoundRedstone: False
    AnnounceFoundLapis: False

    #Misc Config Commands
    Multipleores: True #Drop Multiple Ores for One Block Break.

    I know their are plugins that can do most of the items above its all a matter of making them work together.

    FoundBoxx: Gives a random droped item to whole server using a percentage when ores are mined. It also sends announcements to the server when players find ores and computes details about lighting conditions.

    World Edit: Can change existing ores to stone with the use of the command //set {ore-block} to stone

    I'm pitch the idea to the FoundBoxx plugin developers as soon as i find out how to get a hold of them. If this does already exist i havent found it please for the love of god point me in that direction. I run a server and this is the biggest issue we have as Gold and Iron are used for in game currency. I know this doesn't solve XRAY to find chest or players but its a better solutionto part of the problem.

    Thanks For Reading,
    OdnsRvns - RavenCraft:

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