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    Simple Wand Item plugin is needed. Sadly I am without programming skills and thus I reach out to You my fellow bukkiteers. What I need is a simple plugin that does minimal affection to the game's core values. The less it does affect them the better. I search not for plugins that are exact to those "magical" versions found already here though I intend to include the possibility for those spellcasters who would like to just have fun.

    Idea of the plugin is to bring a wand item into the game. Wands imbued with blocks are simply to create those blocks they were imbued with. Certain exceptions apply. This plugin however shares no goal to help you to create and construct due to exceptions in the plugin pattern. Since you are already able to change your gamemode, there is really no need for another way to place blocks.

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    Wand Recipe & Usage Basics

    Two sticks and a piece of a redstone dust inserted into a Crafting Table. Place the sticks diagonally and the redstone dust into the upper-right corner to form a wand. Aim a block with your cursor and press the use button. Whenever you would leave a wand un-imbued, nothing would happen. Not even damage. A wand would only work with an imbued element.

    Arcanum Tetrahedron Recipe & Usage Basics

    Eight obsidian blocks and a redstone dust. Insert the obsidian blocks into the Crafting Table in a circle and place the redstone dust into the middle to form the utility block. This utility block would imbue a wand with an element of the specific block used in conjuction. A wand is inserted in it's specific slot and the chosen element in it's own specific slot. Then you are prompted to define the physics of the wand which calculate how it works.

    Elements & Affections

    Every block would bring forth a respective block of itself at the aimed location with your cursor range as a starting boundary-condition. Each block created this way would behave as defined by it's original code of behavior except whenever one should be destroyed, there would be no drops of any kind. Element could only be an actual block of some sort.

    Exceptions In Pattern

    Stone, wood, sand, snow, dirt, water and fire imbued wands can only create respective blocks they are imbued with. Every other block will leave you or a target entity, block or a space with a condition.

    Ore blocks and utility blocks could not be inserted of course with the only exception of a TNT block. Bucket of water and the bucket of lava would be treated as blocks because there would be no ordinary way to insert any actual water or fire blocks otherwise. Cake is the only exception which is also treated as a block due to it's "in-field placeable" nature. Any stone related block including brick block would leave you a regular stone block wand. Any wood block would leave you a regular wood block wand. Empty element slot would imbue a wand with the element of wind.

    Nether blocks leave you with a condition instead of a block since they are not found in the actual minecraftian (starter) realm. Since leaves will vanish if not placed near wood, they leave you with a condition instead. Other blocks which give you drops other than itself will leave you with a condition instead such as gravel, melon and clay. Otherwise you would be left nothing since all blocks created by a wand would leave you no drops.

    Conditions & Effects

    This would be the "magical" side of the plugin. It could be logical to have your way to disable and enable conditions so that you could really decide which blocks you wish to create and what conditions to attain. Whenever you would imbue a wand with a condition block (block which does not leave you with a respective block of itself), the wand would target yourself, other entity or a surface of an aimed block. Thru these means a wand could launch a condition or a block thru the air or activate each thru touch with certain modifications. Open the first spoiler below to see a list from all blocks that you would be able to imbue a wand with. Open the next spoiler to see a list of how the blocks work and which bestow conditions.

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    Wind: Leave the elemental slot empty.
    Fire: Insert a lava bucket into the slot. Bucket will be returned.
    Water: Insert a water bucket into the slot. Bucket will be returned.
    Dirt: Insert a block of dirt into the slot.
    Snow: Insert a block of snow into the slot.
    Sand: Insert a block of sand into the slot.
    Wood: Insert a block of wood of any kind into the slot.
    Stone: Insert a block of stone of any kind into the slot.
    Mute: Insert a block of netherrack into the slot.
    Soul: Insert a block of soulsand into the slot.
    Needle: Insert a block of cactus into the slot.
    Thorn: Insert a block of dispenser into the slot.
    Blink: Insert a block of diamond into the slot.
    Feather: Insert a block of leaves into the slot.
    Weaken: Insert a block of planks into the slot.
    Harden: Insert a block of iron into the slot.
    Knock: Insert a block of gravel into the slot.
    Pain: Insert a block of dynamite into the slot.
    Rage: Insert a block of nether brick into the slot.
    Glow: Insert a block of glowstone into the slot.
    Heal: Insert a block of melon into the slot.
    Cure: Insert a block of pumpkin into the slot.
    Blur: Insert a block of lapis lazuli into the slot.
    Stun: Insert a block of gold into the slot.
    Blind: Insert a block of clay into the slot.
    Sleep: Insert a block of note into the slot.
    Rejoin: Insert a block of cake into the slot.
    Evasion: Insert a block of piston into the slot.
    Warmth: Insert a block of wool into the slot.
    Etherial: Insert a block of obsidian into the slot.
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    Wind: Caster will be able to push entities and travel faster.
    Fire: Caster will be able to create fire blocks. Can burn entities.
    Water: Caster will be able to create water blocks. Can drown entities.
    Dirt: Caster will be able to create dirt blocks. Entities cannot be targeted.
    Snow: Caster will be able to create snow blocks. Can freeze entities.
    Sand: Caster will be able to create sand blocks. Can suffocate entities.
    Wood: Caster will be able to create wood blocks. Can entangle entities.
    Stone: Caster will be able to create stone blocks. Entities cannot be targeted.
    Mute: Caster will be able to silence a target from channeling spells.
    Soul: Caster will drain stamina from a target to replenish their own.
    Needle: Caster will shoot needles. Target entity is slowed for a moment.
    Thorn: Caster will spring thorns for a moment. Nearby entities suffer damage.
    Blink: Caster will teleport to the targeted block within range.
    Feather: Caster will begin to fall slower like a feather and also walk on water.
    Weaken: Target armory will weaken for a moment. Target cannot sneak or dive.
    Harden: Target armory will harden for a moment. Target cannot sprint or swim.
    Knock: Target will deal damage to entities thru contact during Sprint.
    Pain: Target will instantly kill with attacks during Sneak. Miss will recoil.
    Rage: Target will deal criticals for a moment with stamina fully drained.
    Glow: Target will begin to eluminate and harm nearby undead entities.
    Heal: Target is instantly or gradually healed from damage.
    Cure: Target is cured from all deceases and ailments.
    Blur: Target is blur-visioned for a moment. Target will suffer accuracy loss.
    Stun: Target is immobile for a moment. Target cannot move or use anything.
    Blind: Target is blinded for a moment. Target's vision becomes black or white.
    Sleep: Target falls asleep for a moment. Can be awakened.
    Rejoin: Target fallen or affected player is revived without any penalties.
    Evasion: Temporary immunity to projectiles during sprint.
    Warmth: Temporary immunity to freeze and cold damage.
    Etherial: Temporary immunity to physical damage while still.

    Keep in mind that due to modifications you are prompted to make on a wand at it's creation phase, the behavior of elements may change and especially how they are performed. This is why the effects are explained with minimal information given so you would understand better the rest that follow.

    Charges & Recharging

    After a while you will notice that each wand has it's own amount of charges which are consumed with attempts to channel and create elements. Charges are defined by your decision in the creation phase of a wand at Arcanum Tetrahedron. The stronger the wand the less charges it will inherit. This however is very slight downside. The real downfall in a wand is that they can only be recharged at Arcanum Tetrahedron one wand at a time. This makes it harder for those with really powerful wands to step further and further from the utility block for they become fatally vulnerable due to lack of sufficient charges.


    For a wand to work, you would need an element to imbue your wand with and define three simple aspects that determine the behavior how the wand works. These aspects are gravity, focus and density. Each decision will change the outcome to your liking. The following spoiler will give you more than just an explanation on how this plugin should be able to work.

    Wand Mechanics
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    Gravity [Choose an Option]

    Touch Option: Activation with a touch of the wand. Minor pull. Instant maximum power.
    Cast Option: Activation by casting thru the wand. Major pull. Ordinary scaling power.
    Scale: No scale, but two options instead.
    Charges: Touch option will double the final amount of charges. Cast option will add only 1 charge on top of the final charge amount.

    Focus [Choose an Option (if touch is chosen above, define duration instead)]

    Greater Option: Greater power. Lesser haste, lesser DPS / HPS. Slow to perform.
    Lesser Option: Lesser power. Greater haste, greater DPS / HPS. Fast to perform.
    Duration Option: Touch effect duration measured in seconds.
    Scale: Scales from 1 to 10 where 1st is the weakest and the 10th is the strongest. Greater option ranges from 6 to 10 and the lesser one ranges from 1 to 5. Power scales by 1 between maximum of 10 and the minimum of 1. Duration option ranges from 1 to 10 seconds. Each scale level will add an additional second up to maximum of 10 seconds.
    Charges: Lowest scale gives 11 charges where highest gives only 1 charge.

    Density [Choose an Option (if cast is chosen above, height will define range instead)]

    Greater Option: Wider area of effect. Range is made further with each scale above 5.
    Lesser Option: Narrow ray of effect. Range is made further with each scale below 6.
    Height Option: Cast height measured in blocks.
    Scale: Scales from 1 to 10 where 1 is a direct ray and the 10 is a wide area. Scale 1 will affect the next 5 blocks in front of you. Up to 4th scale, each will lessen spell's reach by one block. Scale 5 will affect only the aimed block in front of you. Scale 6 will affect 3 x 3 area started from the block you aimed. Up to 9th scale, each will extend the area of affection by one block. Scale 10 will affect the ring of 11 x 11 instead of the whole space. Height option ranges from 1 to 10 blocks. Each scale level will lengthen casting range with one block up to maximum of 10 blocks.
    Charges Touch: Lowest scale gives only 1 charge while the highest gives 11 charges.
    Charges Cast: Lowest scale gives 11 charges while the highest gives only 1 charge.

    After these modifications your wand is ready to be used. You just need to remember to recharge your wands every now and then. Keep yourself aware that if you wish to destroy a wand, you need to cast it into the fire. Only then will a wand be out of service. Same thing with the utility block.


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