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    Please Note!: I messed up with the title, and accidently only put Shouts, and not Skyrim shouts :[ If you are reading this for something like /shout (Message) this is not what you're looking for

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Skyrim Shouts/Shouts/Fus Ro Dah and more! It depends if anyone creates this, i give the name creation completely to this, as this is merely an idea, and i cannot create it.(Yet...)

    A bit about me: I'm a person who likes Skyrim, CoD, BF3, and alot more. I'm an active, and pro gamer.I like to make suggestions for things, hoping they will be acknowledged and maybe created.I am 17 yrs old in USA, Texas. My skype is xdefender2010x
    If you flame at me for no good reason...i will block you.Onto the rest of my post

    What I want: I'm going to base this off of the Plugin idea, and not about myself.Now lets get started with the quotes.
    These quotes were taken from a server forum, some of them are mine.This is an idea, so we decided to put it here.

    Quote from Defender2012(Me)
    However, people decided to add to it, and i approved of all of the ideas.

    Quote from ☭ ~Джłęгючж (Don't ask.)
    My main point in this quote is the cooldown.I do not suggest 4 hours..but that can be edited in a config.

    Quote from Dorkenhimer
    In other words, you can type commands and do the shout, he basically explains what they do.
    Also a suggestion, make short commands for the shouts xD, dont want to be late using them if you're in PvP!

    Quote from EpicBurntoast
    This is just a fun quote, as we all know this could only be a mod, not a plugin, however there could be a command like that, the shout, that sets all mobs in a configurable radius on fire

    Quote from Dorkenhimer
    I will be adding more as more ideas come our way.

    Ideas for commands: Basically explained above
    EX: /fusrodah
    EX short: /frd

    Ideas for permissions: It's pretty simple.
    Example: Shout.FusRoDah
    Command: /fusrodah or /frd or /fus
    Assign to node to a group, and they can use that shout.
    There could also be roll shouts for admins, like setting everyone on fire :]

    When I'd like it by: Soon, if possible!I don't want to rush anyone or demand anyone, this is just an idea!

    Similar plugin requests: There is another one, but only that one as far as i could see, and it wasn't very good, however i mean no offense at all to the creator of the post, it is just my opinion.We all have our opinions, yes?

    Devs who might be interested in this: No idea xD
  2. There's two plugins that already do this..

    The Thu'um

    They seem like they need an update so shout yell at the devs to update. Also DragonShouts looks like it has more options.

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