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    I have been using Bettershop for a while now and think it's very easy with just the commands, but recently i discovered Spout and all it possibilities, and i thought, what if someone invented a shop gui?
    There would be a button in some corner, all the time or when you enter a shop (configurable), and when you click there, a chest or similar will be opened. you can drag the items from and to your chest, and n the bottom of the chest it says how much it will cost, how much you get (maybe both just in one?) and what you'll have left after the sell/purchase.
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    The problem is that while playing you don't have a mouse. It'd have to be a keyboard shortcut.
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    Oh yeah, that's right, but a keyboard shortcut or a command would be just as good, as long as we have a shop gui.
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    What about a non-spout shop GUI?
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    I don't think it's possible yet?
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    Well, you can instruct your users to press "F10" to free the mouse, i think. Or maybe open the inventory.
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    Currently spout doesn't allow buttons on the main in game HUD.

    I am actually starting experiments with a trading system you access from the inventory screen, although it will probably not be public for a while, if at all.

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  8. Maybe you guys shold try this out:

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