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    Was talking with a few of the players on my server, and I was thinking of how a bounty system would be rather neat - And not just a "Post a bounty on X person" type deal. It'd be an accumulated automatic bounty type deal. My thought was in an arena/Different world (Multi-world seems easier to implement than a specific area on a world), where players would have PVP enabled. It would operate on these two basic parameters:
    -If a player kills another player, they collect that player's bounty and has a set number added to theirs.
    -If a player is killed, their bounty is reset to default. (Falling/Monster deaths are not counted for this)

    So if Player A has a $5 bounty, Player B has a $50 bounty, the default is set to $5 and the increase is set to $5:

    Player A kills Player B. Player A then collects $50 and has their bounty raised to $10.
    Player B kills Player A. Player B then collects $5 and has their bounty raised to $55.

    Another thing that would be neat, but unneccessary, would be a "Bonus bounty every X Kills" thing. This would be for uninterrupted kills, not lifetime kills. If the Bonus was $15 for every 10 kills and Player A has killed 12 people so far without being killed, their bounty would be $80 - $5 default, $60 from the 12 kills, and then a $15 bonus for 10 uninterrupted kills.

    As for the economy plugin that I'd like it to work with - That would be iConomy. Pretty standard fare there.

    I can do some programming in Java - Not enough to make the plugin, but enough to offer at least some minor assistance in the creation of this plugin.

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