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    I know there are a lot of plugins that does this, but i want one like this, simple and easy.
    I have tried so many protection plugins and none of them is what i want...

    (Block protection)


    /sb on - every block you place from now on will be protected and only the one who placed it and the admins can remove it/use it if it where a crafting table. (if it where a chest, door or furnace only the one who placed it can open it, so kinda ''built in'' chest/door/furnace protection)

    /sb off - toggles the previous command ^ off.

    /sb clickprotect or /sb cp - every block you right click will now be protected, and can only be destroyed/used by the one who right clicked it. (type command again to turn off right click protection.)(this command is so you can protect something you already have built.)

    Needs permission support

    Not saying this is needed, but it can have ''economy'' support so once you type one of the ''toggle on'' commands it costs you a certain amount specified in the configuration file, so that people won't protect everything and troll/grief.

    Blocks/doors/chest/furnace will be protected against -> fire, lava, explosions/TNT, destruction (if someone try to brake it other than the owner of the block, it won't be broken)

    And other players can't place their own blocks rigth next to a protected block ( make the distance configurable)

    I REALLY NEED THIS PLUGIN - would be really happy if someone would make this :3
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    Codex Arcanum

    I know it is different, but have you looked at PreciousStones?
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    when i searched for it it said ''no results found'' so no i haven't.
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    Codex Arcanum

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    oh well, i rarely check bukkitdev, i seaerched for it here on this page.
    bukkitdev is so wierd different pages for everything ;S

    Codex Arcanum but no, not quite what i am looking for, it has things i don't want etc.. ;P
    what i wrote in my first post is exacly what i need/want ;P

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    Codex Arcanum

    Yep, I know. As I said, it is different. I just posted it because it does user-based block protection with restrictions on ProtecTrolling.
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    Well, i'm looking for a dev then ;P
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    Against forum rules.
    Sticky posts are there to read.
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    what? i don't understand what u mean? this is in the ''plugin request'' section and i request a plugin, what is there that are against the rules ?
    And i've already stated that i know there are alot of plugins that does ''kind of'' the same thing, but that none of them suits my needs.

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