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    Hello Bukkit,

    I run a Hard-Core PvP Server and I have thought of idea of a plugin that is like http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/econ-ecocreature-0-0-5b-pvm-e-rewards-740.9061/ but instead of killing NPCs and receiving awards you receive awards when you kill another player and you recieve Iconomy currency. For an Example when you kill another player the chat says "You have received 100 PvP Points" only to you. It's like the PvPReward plugin but in the PvPReward the killer take the money from the player that was killed. It should be similar to the WoW PvP system where you earn a set amount of honor points from each kill you get.

    If this is not possible I understand.

    Thank You
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    That's very possible. Are you looking for a set amount for a kill? (Bob kill Joe, Bob gets 100 coins. Joe kills Tim, Joe gets 100 coins.)
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    Thank You, but is it possible if you can make it so you can change the amount of coins you receive and be able to customize the text when people receive the coins in a config.yml file?
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    Absolutely. I'll add that now.
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    Now you can configure the message and the monetary reward.

    The reward is under the node "reward". Just set that to an integer.
    The message is under the node "message".
    • The plugin will replace the character # if present to the reward (i.e. 100 coins).
    • If the message contains [A], the plugin will replace that with the name of the killer.
    • If the message contains , the plugin will replace that with the name of the killed player.
    An example message would be: "You have been given # coins for the death of ."
    If Bob killed Joe and the rewards was 100 coins, Bob would get the message "You have been given 100 coins for the death of Joe."


    Is that what you were looking for?
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    That is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much
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    Hey, could you add the ability to set different amounts of money for each group via permissions?
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