[REQ] PvP Guild plugin (Paid Project)

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  1. Plugin category: [RPG/FUN]

    Suggested name: MineGuilds

    A bit about us: MineWarsGaming is a gaming community that is (right now) mainly focusing on Minecraft. We are a War/PvP server, with the IP being mc.minewars.co.uk

    What we want: We want a PvP guild plugin, that handle's Guild's that can have war, if BOTH sides agree. Then, the area's claimed by the guild turn into war zones. When a guild goes to war with another faction, a huge server-wide message shows up saying: [guild-name] went to war with [guild-name]! Also we want the name of the Guild to show up before the Permissions prefix

    Ideas for commands:
    • /pg create [guild-name] - Creates a Guild
    • /pg desc [description] - Changes youre guild description
    • /pg claim - Claims land for youre Guild
    • /pg guild [open/closed] - Changes Guild joining (free or invite)
    • /pg invite [player-name] - Invite a player to youre Guild
    • /pg join [guild-name] - Join a Guild
    • /pg ally [guild-name] - Be allied with another Guild
    • /pg enemy [guild-name] - Be enemy with another Guild
    • /pg war [guild-name] - Go to war with an enemy Guild

    Ideas for permissions:
    • pg.create - For /pg create and /pg desc
    • pg.claim - For /pg claim
    • pg.guild - For /pg guild
    • pg.invite - For /pg invite
    • pg.join - For /pg join
    • pg.mode - for /pg enemy and /pg ally
    • pg.war - For /pg war

    Willing to pay up to: $50 - If we are pleased with the result. For making the basic structure, $20
  2. Factions?
  3. @amunro We forgot to state that! We used factions before, but it isn't to our liking. We want both sides to agree on the war, and that ONLY then their territory turns into a war zone.

    EDIT: Spelling check
  4. Oh I think I understand now..what other features would you like? For example, would tnt be blocked in these 'warzones'?
  5. No, TNT can be placed 10 times by 1 person in a war zone. Also, commands usage would be blocked completely.

    EDIT: Is there anyone who can complete this? Join the teamspeak for more info! voice3.fragnet.net:10081
  6. Anyone? Please...

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