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    I have been trying to create a plugin that would be able to get rid of the restriction put by the minecraft game itself. The problem is that minecraft limits the amount of blocks that can be pushed by a piston, its 12 . . . I can't build a whole lot on my server with just 12 blocks. If someone could just make a plugin that lets piston push 100-200 blocks that would be amazing! Please be quick I only have until early september.
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    This would be very useful for multiple applications :)
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    If you make the range unlimited, have you thought what would happen if you did that horizontally underground? You could move billions of blocks with one piston. If anything, it would be extended to something like 100 blocks, but that could still cause massive lag spikes depending on the server you have and how many pistons you have. There is no way in bucket to make this happen yet, but with spout on the horizon, this may be possible, to an extent.
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    well i think unlimited would be imposibble but a hundred blocks would still be pretty useful
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    yeah well i want like 100-200 blocks to be moved not exactly unlimited, bc i want to make a scrolling banner
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    the easiest way to do this would to be able to make your own version of craftbukkit that modifys the ammount of blocks it can move
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    . . . lol that doesnt sound easy, plus i run 15 other plugins that i feel are neccesary

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