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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by xsolar66, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Although most server plugins come with support for Permissions, there are still many that do not. Some plugins do not even come with OP support. The idea behind this request is to give a little more control over this by creating a separate plugin that disables any set of commands (regardless of what plugins are being used) based on permission.

    The user modifies the configuration file with this potential plugin and lists a series of commands to disable. These commands become disabled for everyone on the server without the permission - (example: command.enable)

    This would create a simple, effective command disabler. It could be used on base commands like /give, only allowing players with the commands.enabled to give items. More importantly though, seeing as there's already a fix for base commands, this could disable things like /mark (from interesting places plugin), preventing players from marking locations on a world until the commands.enable is added to their permission.
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    I was looking all over for this, and it would be great if this was developed. I need to only allow admins the /give command, as it is too much for mods to be spawning items all the time. Thumbs up to you :D
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    I am in the same position - looked everywhere and cannot find a plugin for this.

    Although there is already a plugin for the base commands with added permissions, it'd be great to get that extra control over those plugin commands that have no support for permissions / ops.
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    Do you mean a plugin where you can remove certain permissions from a certain group and allow them on another group? This is build into GroupManager, which also comes as part of the Essentials Package. Permissions is nowhere near as intuitive as GroupManager. You disable certain permission nodes by adding a dash/minus symbol like this:

    And if you want a higher rank to use the command you simply put the same permissions node on their group, but put a plus in front of it:

    Simples :)
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    No, if you read my post correctly, you'd see that the very first thing I mentioned is this:

    "Although most server plugins come with support for Permissions, there are still many that do not. Some plugins do not even come with OP support."

    It is for this purpose, and this purpose only that I need a plug in to disable commands. Not every command has a permission - if it did, then yes, I could very, VERY easily disable it!
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    PlgDisableCmd (see signature)
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    you, my friend, are amazing

    I salute thee!

    However, it would be great to be able to disable commands (ones that don't have permissions), but have a permissions-based setup for it.

    I have the trouble where by setting myself as OP on my server, I can't enjoy the 'survivor world', one of the survival mode worlds to its fullest extend as I am still able to type /give, /heal etc. When I don't set myself as OP, but leave it up to the permissions guidelines, I can still do everything and when I do want to play some survival without any 'cheat' commands, I can warp to that world and have those commands disabled via permissions.

    I don't want to completely disable the command, I just don't want certain players using it - and unfortunately the command I want to disable doesn't come with permissions support. OP or non-op isn't enough... versatility for me - especially when I want access to the command when I am not an OP.
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    But I am still wondering, is there a way to disable a specific command from only one plugin? I have been using Essentials' /list and TelePlusPlus's /tp commands, and I use CommandBook for /spawnmob and /i, /give, etc. When CommandBook was updated, now it takes priority over all other plugins, and it is frustrating me, because now I have to use CommandBook's commands regardless. Is there a way to fix this?

    I want to be able to use Essentials' /list command, because I use Spyer, and it removes the player from the playerlist, but only supports the Essentials and vanilla CraftBukkit versions.

    If anyone has an idea, please put it forth. Thank you.

    Oh and xsolar66, look into EssentialsGroupManager (same download page as Essentials). If you install plugins with the same command names as vanilla CraftBukkit (Essentials has them all), they overwrite the vanilla CraftBukkit command. So, if you find plugins with permissions support (Essentials does), when you block that command's permission for someone, it will show a message saying "You do not have permissions.", and will not run the command.

    So, install EssentialsGroupManager, NOT GroupManager in this forums. GroupManager is outdated, but it is the exact same plugin. The developers just decided to keep it a part of Essentials. If you find the original GroupManager post, it will have a better list of commands you can use to add permission in-game (IN-GAME). lol

    Hope this helps. It will take some work to do, but it will definitely be worth it. Just a note, don't use tabs (tab key). Always use spaces. Oh, and make sure that, if you do need help, you post the config on pastebin.com, then post the link in your post, and not the config please.

    Please send me Private messages if you need help.

    Thank you.
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    You don't need the Teleplus's and the command book. Essentials comes with all the Teleportation commands one would ever need, and also comes with /i, /give, /spawnmob, etc. Simple solultion - remove the plugins CommandBook and Teleplusplus and just use the Essentials

    list of commands possible with essentials: http://ess.earth2me.com/index.php/Command_Reference

    I have this, yes, but the commands I want to disable are not from essentials, but from plugins which have no support for permissions. This means anyone on my server can use them - hence, I want to disable the commands for certain group ranks to stop griefing.
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    The reason I use CommandBook's commands is that they are better thought out, and have way more possibilities. Also, Essentials way of infinite items sucks in my opinion compared to CommandBook. CommandBook uses the old way: type /i [item] -1, but CommandBook watches for when that "infinite" item actually goes out. Once it does, it gives you another infinite in the same slot, keeping it truly infinite. Essentials' /unlimited command is irritating.

    Also, CommandBook's motd is WAY better in my opinion. Also, /time from CommandBook is more complete. take a look at SK's wiki. He makes amazing plugins.

    Also, TelePlusPlus's teleportation command have a lot more possibilities than Essentials. Don't assume that a plugin is not good without taking a deep look at it first. Who wouldn't want to teleport a pig on top of a lava tower? xD (TelePlusPlus can do this)

    Sorry, I don't mean to sound mad or rude. I'm not trying to be. I just like CommandBook. I can can't I?

    What's the name of the plugin? There could be a viable alternative that you don't know about. I have an extensive knowledge of plugins available for CraftBukkit. Maybe I can help?
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    The plugin, in specific, is Interesting Places. It has the commands /mark and /unmark, and a few others. I has the option for OP or Non-op, but no permissions support. On my server, I wish for builders (group) to be able to /mark places, but for newcomers not to be able to. Also, I do not wish to make all the builders OP's.

    I know there is a more complex plugin called Named Spaces, but this is quite different in a number of ways and I much prefer the simplicity of the Interesting Places.


    I also think that a command disabler would be incredibly useful anyway, in case I come across another plugin which I wish to use even if it does not come with permission support.

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