[REQ] Permission Rank Change Using Signs

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by BoomBoomHaHa, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Im looking for a plugin (or plugins) that will allow a user to right-click on a sign and will deduct money and rank up the player in permissions. I need it to be accessed by many people.

    Thank You
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    Just to say, dont make ranks like admin achievable, because if a single bug of duping is found, the server will go belly up, an economy based bug could just lead to an economy reset, but with this, people could achieve admin and go on a banning spree, grief etc, just make ranks like Miner, Senior, Chef achievable
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    Thats excatly what im trying to do.
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    ? What just minor senior chef etc
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    Ya like Miner, Builder, ect.
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    Try using Annotate and CommandSigns in conjunction.
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    How would that change the rank of the person?

    Bump, sorry but i really want this.

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    Put the command "/pr <name> promote" on the sign. I have not looked into commandsigns, so I dont know if you can put in a name (probably).
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    Ok that solves one of my problems i still need it to promote any user the clicks on the sign.
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