[REQ] Need a developer to develop a plugin.

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    My suggestions must be released to the public.

    Hello, thank you for checking out this post.

    What should Plasmid be? - Injecting yourself with genetic materials!

    What should Plasmid do? Well, Plasmid should first of all help players in careful situation such as low on health with no food at all starving to death, got three creepers coming after you or you just need to chase that griefer who just griefed your house.

    What should be the commands for Plasmid? (open)

    /plasmid help -Simliar to /help, helping new players know about this plugins.
    /plasmid choose <plasmid> -Inject that plasmid of the chosen plasmid(You can only inject once, unless you're an admin.)
    /plasmid remove <plasmid> <playername> -Remove that plasmid of the other player.(ADMINS ONLY)
    /plasmid bypass -Can choose multiple plasmids(ADMINS ONLY)
    /plasmid <plasmid> -Get information about that plasmid.

    What should be the list the developer should develop? (open)

    Well I could only think of seven so...

    Resourceful -Earn 50% more hunger off food, and recover health, when your hunger is at 7 or higher instead of 8 or higher.

    Vampiric -Earn hunger off killing mobs, animals or players. If hunger bar is full, refill health instead.

    Athletic -Receive a speed boost(from speed potion I) when sprinting. Receive speed II(even if not sprinting or is sprinting) if the player's health is under 3, but if the player's hunger is above 5

    Holy -When crouching down and not moving, you receive half a heart per five seconds. Ignite any undead(Zombies, Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen, etcs) nearby when crouched down for more than 30 seconds.(Receives a message that you can now burn the undead nearby since you have crouched for more than 30 seconds)

    Nonlethal -Each damage dealt will include a knockback II, and jump higher.

    Juggernaut -Each damage dealt will include a knockback I. Each fall damage taken will result in a nearby knockback I others

    Freezing -Each damage dealt will include a slow effect(for only 5 seconds), takes damage after 15 bubbles(5 invisible bubbles)

    Should Plasmid have permissions? (open)

    Since, everyone rely on permissions sure!

    How about messages? (open)

    When a person choose a plasmid but permissions does not allow him:The plasmid rejects your body and kills itself.
    When a person choose resourceful:Your brain develop new knowledge letting you find out how to find the nutritious part of food.
    When a person choose vampiric:You soon develop a fear of garlic, but you develop a liking for blood.
    When a person choose athletic:You feel more active, but doesn't feel any side effect..
    When a person choose holy:You feel that a god chosen you to live here.
    When a person choose nonlethal:You feel bouncier.. and hitting something makes them bouncing.
    When a person choose juggernaut:You feel stronger and heavier.
    When a person choose freezing:You feel cold, and you feel like you're in water not drowning at all..
    When a person use plasmid bypass:All of the plasmids goes inside your body feeling a lot stronger and stranger than ever before.

    Does anyone see it, too hard or something?

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    U have a skype? I like the idea and I think i can do this quite easily...
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    Would this be public?
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    U have a skype? [​IMG]
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    Yes, every plugins that I request will be public.

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