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    Plugin category: Economy
    Suggested name: MultiConomy

    Hey peeps! :)

    Your all likely to be familiar with iConomy, digital currency plugin. Would it be possible to make a multiple currency system like iConomy?

    So when you type: /money
    You'd get:
    Pound(s): 50.00
    Dollar (s) : 120.00
    MineDollar (s) : 6800.00

    Something to list currencies: /money currency list
    Something to create a new currency: /money currency create [Name] [Amount]
    To grant a player currency: /money grant SnoweyRawr 1000 Pound
    And to pay same format with amount and currency name on end and also an exchange rate idea to throw in: /money exchange [Amount] Pound [Amount] Dollar
    So change pounds to dollars ect... and commands to set rates and list them.

    Something like that, I know theres multiple currency plugins which use diamonds, gold ect... but something like iConomy. I have a server with role play of nations which would be nice to have multiple currencies.
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