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    I've been searching for a plugin the simply announces when it is morning/nighttime. It seemed like Clock Signs could do this but it only announces by real world time. I'd prefer a plugin where you would be able to customize the time and strings of the announcement.
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    Need it, too. -> announcements for day/night rythm
    Should work with propertime 1.8.9
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    I wouldnt mind this as well, My users are always bunkering down for the night and not noticing when daylight is back
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    ill take a look into it.

    after some thinking on how to do this, i found its to difficult for myself to try this.
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    I have a basic idea of how this could work. I'll take a look into it.​

    I think I may have done it. I coded a plugin that doesn't send a worldwide message, but a message that is user-specific (each user can choose to turn it on or off and it sends it based on the user's world's time.) I have no clue if it works yet, but I'll keep you posted! :D This is my first plugin!

    I didn't see this when I created the plugin. I'll look into it! :)

    Argh... My current code kicks the user... Time to re-think this...

    Well, I did it! It's only basic functionality for now, but it works (hopefully with no bugs)! HERE is the submission.

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    Trying it asap.

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