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    I'm not sure what else to call this request so hopefully explaining it will do the trick.
    Also, this is more of an idea than a request so its open to changes, thoughts, additions and insight on whether its doable and how hard it would be.

    Similar Functions: ChestShop , and possibly some functions similar to MineCartManiaMining

    The scenario: You have separate towns and each of those towns have access to certain resources. You setup a storage warehouse in each town and you want a way to buy and sell resources. This is where idea for this plugin comes in.

    The Idea: Assuming the economy is item based, we'll use Ender Pearls as an example. You want to sell 128 cobblestone for 4 Pearls so you place the cobblestone inside the chest minecart. Using similar methods of changing behaviours in a chest minecart in the plugin MineCartManiaMining, you place a sign down beside the track ahead of the starting point where the minecart currently is. The sign reads something like this:

    I'm only assuming out of experience from using sign shop plugins that the stuff on the sign are possible. Its of course changeable to anything that makes it easier, I am simply providing an example.
    But a quick explanation: [MShop] simply stands for Mobile Shop
    cobble:4 is stating the mobile shop is containing cobblestone for a price of 4 pearls(or configured item).
    4:128 is stating that in order to take out the 128 cobblestone, the buyer must place the ender pearls inside to "unlock" the ability to remove the cobblestone. Whether its possible to make this work for a return trip, I am only hopeful but its fine to create a sign on the buyers end when they want to trade.

    Overall, I'd hope for Flatfile and 1185 RB support. Any other changes that are needed for 1.9 are fine too.

    So the main question is: Is any of this possible?

    Anything you need more info on in any of this, please reply with questions and please give insight on what you did understand. I honestly think its a cool idea.

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    Just to clarify, if you have read it over, all I'm asking for is your opinion on whether you think its possible or if you'd be interested in using it. Any other suggestions towards are also appreciated.

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