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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by 3ric, Jul 8, 2011.

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    Simply, I'd like to see a mod/plugin for Bukkit SMP that keeps track of how many of each mob and players each player has killed. Example:

    Commands and result:

    /totalmob player1

    --Player1 mob kill Info--
    Pigs: 3
    Cows: 7
    Chicken: 10
    Sheep: 2
    Wolves: 0
    Slimes: 0
    Squid: 0

    /totalmonster player1

    --Player1 monster kill Info--
    Zombies: 0
    Skeletons: 1
    Spiders: 1
    Creepers: 2
    Ghasts: 0
    Zombie Pigmen: 0

    /totalplayer player1

    --Player1 player kill Info--
    Players: 3

    /totalall player1

    --Player1 total kill info--
    Total: 27

    And also a "leaders" command for each and all categories... Which would show the top 5 or so in kills for the one selected:


    Edit: Also a command to clear individual players' kill counts or every players' kill counts.

    /totalclear player1

    If this already exists please let me know, but I'd prefer to see this exact setup in a mod/plugin for SMP. I may throw some cash at the person that does this properly. Thank you.


    I posted this on the Minecraft forums also, I apologize if this isn't allowed.
    Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/450432-req-kill-counter-modplugin/
  2. Is there any particular way you want the data to persist? SQLite? MySQL? YAML? A separate property file for each user (plugins/ThisPlugin/player1.prop, etc/player2.prop)?

    Also, do you have a name for the plugin beyond just "KillCounter"? I'll tackle this :O

    note: we have a plugin requests subforum, so this will likely get moved.
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    MySQL would be preferable, IMO. This sounds like quite a good idea, i'm glad you are tackling this ;)
  4. mostly I just want a name, I am rubbish at coming up with names. ;(
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    If you can store the data in a .yml or .txt that would be fine. I tried messing with SQL and I got annoyed with it. Maybe I'm just a noob...

    Maybe have the file/folder set up like this for easy searching outside of Minecraft:

    I'm not really familiar with modding but hopefully that made sense. And for a plugin name, why not Krin's Death Counter? :p
  6. Alright! DeathCounter v0.1.0. Built against CB953, so it should work with the latest stuff.

    It doesn't use permissions (I haven't yet implemented commands to reset players, etc), but that will be fixed later!

    Didn't find any errors, but if you do encounter some, let me know (either in PM or tag me in this thread)

    • /deathcount
    • /deathcount leaders [num]
    • /deathcount [mobname] [num]

    note: if you want me to maintain this plugin (or think many people will use it), I'll submit it to the plugin repository, but as of now this plugin is yours!

    edit: just drop the jar into your plugins directory and it'll create a folder/config for you. Shouldn't require a server restart, but it might :X

    post-edit-note: users.yml might get massive if you have a lot of users

    @3ric - If you already downloaded it, you need to re-download it. I've fixed all of the glaring bugs and annoying little quirks. It should work fine now.

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    Very nice! And please submit it, I know some other people that are looking for a similar plugin.
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