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    I have hopefully a simple request for someone to make into a plugin.

    Basically, I want a plugin that can make any command cost a configurable item similar to Command Iconomy. Right now my server uses Tradecraft and I've set Ender Pearls as the currency.
    What I'm looking for is being able to make a command such as Warping cost the server currency and if I ever change the currency or if others have a use for this plugin, it should be configurable what the cost would be. In this way, hopefully any plugin that has commands can have a cost of items instead of just a single economy plugin.

    Let me know if there are any plugins like this in the works because I look for new plugins everyday and have sadly never found anything like this.

    Suggestions? Please go for it.
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    16 views but apparently no interest. Really?
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    I would like to help. I am only starting out programming java and i would like to try and help you out. I am going to start asap and will keep u updated.
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    It may be a bit difficult if you JUST STARTED.
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    I do other programing im just new to java. I love programing but i would like some1 to do it with.
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    I'm glad someone has interest in this at least so thank you for replying. I suggest maybe PMing the creator of the Command IConomy plugin I linked to in my first post. If he won't make it with you, maybe he will give some tips.

    Good Luck and hopefully, more people will see this post.
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    That's it. I'm just going to make it. Do you want it to work with signs?
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    That'd be awesome as long as it doesn't make it more complicated for you. You don't have to make it exactly like Command IConomy though, just as long as I can configure an item cost for a command from other plugins. Any questions, please let me know and I'll try to reply sooner.
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    Not meaning to bump this but it has been almost 3 weeks so I'm just looking for possibly new interest or seeing if you will reply Technius.
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    Id like this too, i seem remember aa plugin costing gold maybe modify that?!

    so no one knows :(

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