[REQ] IceLord - Adds ice damage and abilities to diamond sword and armor

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    I was looking at the FireLord plugin and thought how kewl it would be to have a IceLord to complement it.

    Icelord abilities would be the same but Ice related:
    • Diamond sword does ice damage and slows traget
    • Diamond armor increase wear damage to attackers weapon
    • Diamond boots leave snow tracks on ground and freeze water blocks as you cross onto them
    • Diamond armor causes ice damage when struck slowing down attacker
    • Diamond Pick/Axe/Shovel, gives icey shattering blow when you mine/cut/dig with them. This smashes blocks quicker and can even affect adjacent blocks your not standing on.
    • Shears have higher percent chance to shatter LWC locks when wearing full set of armor.
    Anyone interested in setting this up? ;) w4rgo was the creator of Firelord and inspiration for this concept.
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    I will try to do it.

    Soon :)
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    Awesome. :)
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    Ice Boots Done!
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    Release date:


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