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  1. :p Remember that some things(Likely such as him building) will not be in 0.1... Versions are there for a reason, right? :D
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    @tips48 :O How long till that version is complete :'(
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    why do we need BukkitCont for this? :confused:
  4. It will be optional. And also, in your signature you forgot the trailing } ;)
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    Correction Spout
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    I'm sure many of us will hope that goal is reached due to the popularity of this plugin.
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    Do you guys know when the first version will come out??? or be tested??
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    OMG YAY!

    I love you!!!!
  10. thanks :)
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    Yay! Thanks for all your hard work. Time to test this out on my server! :p
  12. thanks :D

    Post on the thread if you like it!

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    Tips48 and the other developers, you guys are awesome!!!! I will install the plugin as soon as I have access to my server (on holiday to france right now)!!!
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    THERE IS ONE, I'm sure, I have just experienced i!!! Damn... it's scary
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    Is this made yet
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    Dude. Scroll up if you are too lazy to read the whole thread like I did. Just a few posts, it's not too far.
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    I found it sorry but I get an error message when i try to spawn him
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    Yeah it is probably outdated because those links lead to a 1000 CB version.

    PS Sorry to be so rude earlier, I had just gotten out of bed when I was reading this forum.
  21. Uhhh..yes

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