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    TechGuard is working on this as well as me... Please read through the thread before asking "Anyone"!
  2. Hey, i'd like to help :p
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    I have read it but all the post's with "i look into it" or "i i'm doing this mod " are over a month old so i just asked.

    PS. maybe i should have tried to express (i think that's how you say it.) what i meant a little clearer.
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    NPCs are hard they take that long

    Do you have experience with NPCs?
  5. Somewhat....

    NPC's are a extremely hard coding practice. Plugin Developers have lives. We do this on our own free time out of the kindness in our heart and it's not like we are payed to do it. If you are desperate do it yourself :p

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    PM me
  7. Done
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    Simon Maggart

    This would scare the shit out of people! i would be like WTF! if i didn't know about the plugin.
    and if people asked what it was, i would just log off. make them cry in fear by themselves...WANT!!!!
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    Thats the plan xD
  10. @Everyone
    Here is a github link so you can check how the project is going. If you know java, feel free to put in a pull request!

    Okay, quick question to people who want to use this plugin.
    What kind of buildings should Herobrine make?(this will be configurable if he makes them at all)
    Currently, there are Big houses, Houses, Small houses, and pyramids.
    What else would you like to see?

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    ok, good luck with it, i hope you can do it
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    i understand what you mean. i just looked at the code and omg. it's look really(!!!) hard(at least the npc part).
    and i got an idea for a building, a mineshaft. or is that hard. i don't know how building in bukkit works
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    he could build a small shrine of some sort
  14. @Fire-Hazard
    What do you mean as "shrine"?Pictures speak volumes. Like a smallish hut made out of gold or something with pictures and torches?
    A mineshaft? As in like a mine underground?
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    I think hero brine should be able to kill people but he can't be killed and also he should make a temple with a statue of himself something like this that would be great thanks!>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @tips48 More like a small hut, it would have a ladder going down into some sort of mining branches. This hut would randomly be build next to the (Herobrine) houses. Down there a Herobrine with a pick would have a change of spawning(of course only when someone is down there). Ores should be more common here and it would have traps (Also more monster spawning if it's not to hard). Also is this code right for making a hole 42 blocks deep hole: https://github.com/bik1230/Herobrine/commit/5c3438b266f3bb8fde2faaceeab496052cf227aa
  17. For now he can't be killed, allowing him to kill people could be a feature, and i like the temple feature :D

    Thats a interesting feature. Alot of it *could* be done, but would take a lot of time.
    @Everyone im really liking the features, request more! :p

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    When do u think this will be released
  19. Whenever it gets finished. @alta189 is working quite hard to get the spawning code finished, and once that gets done there will be a tone that me and alta can add.
    Currently im adding more buildings and stuff, but realize this is a extremely hard plugin to make.
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    I have some ideas for herobrine behavior.

    He should be completely vulnerable at all times, but he should also heal and get a defensive bonus when he's on his property/inside his house. He will build multiple houses, and every time he is killed he will drop a configurable loot and respawn at one of his houses.

    He should occasionally take blocks from nearby player structures (That arent protected by worldguard/towny/factions/etc) and make totems on his property out of them. It'd be cool if he occasionally broke windows, and it'd be really interesting if you could make him tunnel and explore on his own.

    I suppose what I"m shooting for is an NPC emulation of a player :D Just more creepy.
  21. @Zalastri i don't know if i agree with idea one, but idea 2 could be good :p
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    @Zalastri Herobrine doesnt have "houses" he builds random structures sometimes, but he is supposed to be a mysterious mob that runs away as you get close to him, but if you get too close, he might kill you
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    I just want smart npcs to deal with. :D Might wanna make a general fork in that direction after this is 'done'.
  24. @Zalastri thats up to you.

    It will be done :D
    @Everyone i recommend bookmarking this post as it will likely serve as the plugin's main thread until it comes along far enough to allow a WIP thread.

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    if you really want herobrine, you could just install the NPC plugin called Citizens because there are EVIL NPC's there and Herobrine is one of the random ones thta spawns :O it was scary for me when i didnt look at the changelog for evil npc's ROFL but yeh this new pluginlooks cool...
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    all he does is walk around
  28. What does he do? Oh wait, nothing.
    What if people don't want everything that comes with citizens? Darn, their screwed.
    Lets just focus on making the plugin xD
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    and he attacks you but meh im jus saying
    but a new plugin for him would be sexy

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