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    Hi there. I am looking for something quite simple.
    On my server, we do a christmas special. Every day, we open a door in a central location and players can go through it. After each door is a scene, and like this we're telling them a nice and deep christmas story, day for day. I know that there will be players who run through the building like crazy without reading anything, so we would like some kind of extra- reward: a customizable item (or some blocks) for their survival- inventory (using MultiInv). It would be like that:
    - player enters building, reads story
    - player finishes the scene and finds a sign at the end
    - the sign says "right click me for <item> in <world>" (or something similar)
    - player enters survival world
    - a little text appears in the chat saying that the player should type /gift when there's a free spot in the inventory to get the gift (only appears if the player is in the specific world and has a gift to redeem)
    - player is happy
    Wouldn't that be awesome?
    I would be SO happy if somebody would code this for me. Dunno what I would do, maybe uploading a video of me dancing around a tree singing the hymn of trolls (well, that would be awkward.).
    If the happiness of my server's players and crew isn't enough reward for you, I can offer you... let's say... 10$ via paypal if you manage to turn this request into a plugin as fast as possible. It mustn't really be perfect, I just want it to work.
    Pleeease? :)
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    I'll give it a try :)
    Sounds like a good idea for my server, too.
    btw, I'm german,too, so we could speak german in pms.
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    What exactly do you mean?

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