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    Alright I'm going to change the title of the thread :) This should all be done and fixed now! I hope no one else has suffered badly from this dupe!
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    All the random bold words, CAPS, and other run-on sentences hurt my eyes.
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    • Not acceptable behavior. Banned For a week.
    man, who made this DupeStopper.jar plugin is a fucking coder wannabe.

    This LAME plugin ruined one of my servers. Just test it, break a CHEST inside a protected WG region.. yes, all the chest contents WILL DROP TO THE GROUND.

    Ppl should LEARN how to code before publishing shitty stuff like that.


    Fuck it, had to rollback the entire server due to chests being robbed.
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    I was curious as to how you did this, so I took a look at your source code. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but I have a concern with the following line of code:
    @EventHandler(priority=EventPriority.NORMAL, ignoreCancelled=true)
    Since you set ignoreCancelled to true, would the items of the chest still be dropped even though the event was cancelled (say by WorldGuard)? I suggest not ignoreCancelled and set the EventPriority to LOWEST.
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    LOL Scyntrus, read my post... my entire server was affected due to this coder NEWBIE

    man, I hate the fucking asshole who released this PIECE of GARBAGE plugin... can't believe

    Bukkit team REALLY need to talk to the community about critical bugs like this one.. with no words from the bukkit team server admins have to run UNTRUSTED and LAME CODE (like the one from @Ne0nx3r0) as a desperate action to protected their servers

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    Or you could have read the post first.

    From a developers standpoint at least, depending on how the plugin works (I could be completely wrong); of course that'll happen, since it manually clears the inventory of the chest and drops the items on the ground before the chest actually explodes. So I assume no blockbreak event is being called (or it's called too late), in which case, WorldGuard has no idea the block is being broken.

    You would have had to rollback the entire server anyways WITHOUT using this plugin because people would have used the dupe glitch.

    Your server obviously sucks if you trust every download out there and don't do your own testing before using a plugin. Also, plugins can and will have bugs. Get used to it.
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    Easy there, you're betraying your own maturity level and lack of knowledge. I believe both I and danslayer put in leaky tickets about the issue, so Bukkit is working on it. I can't guess how every plugin will react to it, but when I tested it I didn't see the issue you're discussing. I tell you what, I'll give you 100% of your money back ; ).


    I was under the impression ignoreCancelled = true would mean that the code contained would be skipped entirely, meaning it's a replacement for if(event.isCancelled()}return;. So removing it would actually do what you're talking about, if another plugin cancelled the event it would just go ahead and do it anyway.

    I tested this with the protection plugin I use and it worked fine, I can't speak to WorldGuard, but I'll agree that it could be priority lowest *edit* highest (and I've updated the download to be highest priority).

    I'm not familiar with WorldGuard but if someone wants to show me a test server with what's happening I can certainly look into providing a fix. (at least until it's officially patched) Tested with WorldGuard (at least with DS-v0.4 where priority is highest) and was unable to duplicate this bug. Sorry.


    I'll add that I can't imagine every scenario or combination of plugins you will come up with, so I'm unable to predict any conflicts you might run into. I can only say I tested it with my installed plugins, and it worked fine. As with ANY plugin, you should test in your environment first.

    I missed this post; boy you really are quite a fan of mine ;).

    When events are cancelled, other plugins should be intelligent enough to realize this and react appropriately. I believed (and honestly still believe) this is the case. I would expect protection plugins to have a priority higher lower than normal, but as Scyntrus noted it should probably use the lowest highest priority, giving any other plugin the opportunity to cancel the event first.

    *edit, again* Actually it probably should be Monitor, I forgot about that priority. I've updated the download to use that. I believe that should fix any issues that are popping up from protection conflicts.

    As you said, it's difficult to imagine every possible plugin interaction; sometimes plugins conflict. For this reason it's always best to be cautious with any plugin that's been recently released, and not player tested in the wild.

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    Oh, right, now the coder wannabe @Ne0nx3r0 is telling us that WORLDGUARD, the most FAMOUS and well succeeded plugin in the bukkit (and even hmod) history, is not "intelligent"

    Well, maybe WG author sk89q should indeed code some CODE RETARDED proof, so when you release another crappy plugin again, WG will fix YOUR MISTAKES..

    Dude, please, stfu
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    You misread, I was talking about my plugin which should have been more intelligent. Chillax huh?
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    I'm really confused about this "priority" stuff. If it's highest, will it be done first before other plugins or after? I expected lowest to be done last... Docs are really vague.

    tldr: I mixed up Highest and Lowest... as you have already noticed.
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    Ha, you even managed to get me all mixed up!

    If you haven't seen it, here's the reference:

    It goes: Lowest first, highest last, monitor even last-er!

    So in this case it should have been monitor, since this plugin doesn't care about the outcome. This is now the case. Again I didn't actually see the behavior myself, but I could see how it would happen. When I tested setting it to lowest, it DID happen. So with it being monitor, it should fix any priority related issues.

    I'd apologize to you spunkiie, but with how you've acted, I really don't feel that's necessary. I take it back, I'm sorry, I never intended to break your server.
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    Yeah, so apparently many things in Bukkit are backwards. I meant Highest lol.
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    Just wanted to say how amazing it is how your dealing with this guy.
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    Ok.. sorry @Ne0nx3r0

    Dunno how big your servers are, but I have over 900+ players (yes, you read it right) and they are not very happy with a 5 hours rollback.

    I said a lot of shit to you, I'm truly sorry.
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    I understand man; believe me whenever plugin developers make a mistake they feel just as terrible as users that are affected by it.

    Nobody's perfect.
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    Every developer rings to the same tune my friend : ) Nobody's perfect but nobody's alone.
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    Get your priority's straight =)
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    I had the understanding from that post, that, when using the monitor priority, you shouldn't be changing the outcome of the event (canceling it). Also, shouldn't you check to see if the event has already been canceled?

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    I really doubt this "spunkiie" fellow is 32, and I seriously doubt he is even above the age of 12. But seriously? To lie as blatantly as claiming to have "900+ players" right after apologizing? That's like telling somebody your sorry then keying their car as you walk away.

    But hey, if he would like to show some proof that he is not lying out of his ass, I would love to see it. I'm not trying to start anything, but I just have a hard time believing him after acting the way he did. People like that just bug me. Then again, it's the internet..
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    i assumed he meant that he has had 900 people on his server overall. like maybe he has 900+ player files. which is not that much when the server me and danslayerx own has over 4500 players.
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    i just waked up what is happening is something wrong with dupestop.jar ?? What rollback i don't want a rollback my players would kill me :))
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    and also thank you @Ne0nx3r0 for the plugin it helped a lot!
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    Yes, it is a replacement for if(cancelled)return;
    I should know, I wrote it.

    Also this is no longer an issue, as I fixed the dupe:
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    @md_5 I thank you for doing so a lot of server owners will be very happy for that, and guys @Ne0nx3r0was the only person who actually messaged me about helping (asides one other developer) and we made the plugin in a short time frame because I needed it relatively quickly since this was only released a few days ago. So of course there would be bugs but he managed to fix the main problem and honestly I'd rather duping be fixed that have a few slightly annoying bugs wouldn't you?

    Anyway everyone seems to be freinds again now and we've managed to not cause a flame war! I'm going to add md_5 build in the first post and update @Ne0nx3r0 seperate plugin for those who might not wish to update yet.

    I'm glad we've all managed to beat an annoying problem guys :) Good stuff gentlemen, good stuff!
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    Sorry for stupid question i'm a little dumb what should i download to fix it? dupestoper.jar ? I mean it has no bugs that crash my server now? ya know that prorb with we
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    I hear you; as the plugin uses a monitor priority now the issue should be resolved. If it makes you feel better, I have it running on my server and had players trying to break into chests for a while last night ; ).

    That said if you are concerned about the exploit I would recommend downloading the dev build md_5 put out, running it on a test server with your plugins to verify there are no issues, and then updating your server at a time when you are available for an hour or so to fix any bugs that might arise. It's a dev build, so that means use at your own risk. (To be fair I don't think a dev build has ever broken my server)

    That's what I'll be doing tonight.
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    no time for dev right now,i so i will use dupestoper.jar and how i see it has no problems now, thank you for quick reply.
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