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    Plugin category: MECH

    Suggested name: Mob Spawn Control

    What I want: I need a mob spawn plugin that can turn off mob spawns altogether except any regions I create with it. So you could make it rely on Worldguard if it makes it easier but I'll give an example.

    By typing "/mobspawn off" it stops all mobs from spawning in the world globally. I select a small area using a tool such as a stick and type "/ms region Farm1". Then I type "/ms Farm1 allow Pig, Cow, Sheep" (but you could also do separate commands for each mob if that makes it easier). With that region set, only mobs configured in that command will spawn there at any one time unless I setup more regions. So now I select an area around a forest and type "/ms region Forest1" and then "/ms Forest1 allow Creeper, Spider, Zombie, Skeleton".

    I hope this is simple enough for someone to make.

    Note: If you like the idea of this plugin, please reply and give your support. Views are cool but replies are what helps a plugin happen.

    When I'd like it by: Flexible but realistically I need it by July 5th.
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    This sounds useful and fun. Ill give it a shot.

    EDIT: I didnt reliase that you wanted the ability to select certain areas for not being affected. I cannot do that, sorry.
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    wow thats what I was thinking seems really complex and or difficult :(
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    Well the reason I wanted it like that is because I need friendly mobs to only spawn on one type of area in a set region and aggressive mobs to spawn everywhere else. If there was a plugin already out there that does this, I haven't found it. However, there is a plugin called Region Reserve that has a flag like my request but its been giving me errors lately so I decided to request a specific plugin. Just for reference though, Region Reserve lets you set a global flag to not have mobs spawn everywhere in the world.

    Thanks for the replies at least.
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    Chaositic No problem.

    To any developers trying to do this; for enabling /disabling spawning I used console execute command "gamerule doMobSpawning false" and than ran a code that kills all mobs. Same with enable exept dont kill.
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    Just in case anyone was wondering, this plugin Monster Apocalypse does the features above. However, if anyone still wants to take this on and just give me the simplified version of having farm animals spawn on custom blocks set in a config, they're welcome to do so.

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